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The Warhammer Fantasy Battle Reporter Forum is inviting new members. We have loads of unique content, a real-time chat feature, lots of experienced gamers and we like to think we're one of the friendliest and most welcoming Warhammer forums. 

We welcome all players and keen Warhammer hobbyists irrespective of gaming experience. You can be as active as you please, visit every day or just once a month if you like. We have 519 members now and we're growing quickly (REGISTER HERE). There are NO catches we just want more members for more hammering fun !

Some of the highlights:-

1) 8 Free top quality unofficial army book pdfs (Albion, Araby, Cathay, Kislev, Norse etc) which you can view online or download. All we ask for is a bit of feedback in the forum.

2) We support The Doom Seeker Warhammer fanzine and you can read or contribute to it through the forum.

3) Painting competitions and a great miniature gallery.

4) Loads of 8th edition discussion and rules analysis.

5) Over 180 fantasy battle reports (through the hub which we own :-

6) A realtime chat feature so you can ask questions and get immediate answers from some of our top rule masters.

7) Cheap Warhammer Fantasy miniatures through eBay

8) An occasional newsletter (once every 2 or 3 months) - we don't spam your inbox !

Please feel free to join us, all you need is a valid email address which is needed to activate your account (to stop spam bots). Your email address is never revealed to anyone.

All images used with the owner's permission.

Island of Blood Sprue Photos

Games Workshop and Total War Gamer have posted some nice pics of all of the Sprues in the Island of Blood 8th edition starter boxed set.

There are 4 different sprues,. 5 sprues are included in the boxed set so you can 2 of one type of sprue and 1 each of the others. In summary, points to note:-
  • Some sprues are combined and contain Skaven and High Elf models so resellers who only want one of the army miniatures will need to cut what they want from the sprues before selling them on or swapping them.
  • The plastic models are largely complete, that is to say most consist of only 2 or 3 parts so they are easy to clip together (so minimal gluing)
  • Shields are already attached to both Sea Guard and Skaven Clanrats
  • There is a lot of detail on these miniatures so they should "paint up" very well indeed !
The War Store has the larger pics but Games Workshops photos are in a higher resolution and reveal a little bit more detail. Use your browser's Zoom functioon ( "Ctrl" and "+" in Google Chrome) for more definition.

Games Workshop (Advance Orders page) use the scroll buttons :-

Total War Gamer Island of Blood Review :-

BTW, Total Wargamer has also posted a review of the boxed set along with some images of the assembled but unpainted miniatures. It's a nice summary and worth a read.

Click to enlarge these 2 sprues in a new window
Games Workshop example
The War Store example
Images are respectively © Games Workshop and Total Wargamer. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

Cygor Miniature Recruit # 2 !

You spend all day looking out across a Warhammer battlefield for a Cygor and then, when you least expect it (on the train home), two come out of the woods at once !

Trollhoer owner of the Troll Tales blog ( - now added to my blogroll !) alerted my attention to this one. It's actually advertised as a Cyclops but it would make a decent Cygor too. It can be found at the Maelstrom Games shop :-

or, if you prefer eBay... Maelstrom Games Limited on eBay

I'm not certain how large this miniature is, the suppliers really should stand them against a ruler !  It looks like it's pretty tall though given the relative length of the limbs. It's probably a little bit too Giant-ish for my liking so I prefer the other one I posted yesterday :- Cygor model for Beastmen. However, it's not easy to say when you haven't got the exact measurements so I guess both models pass muster and either will do for now. After all, I only need it to draw the war machine fire while my Minotaurs do the real work ! :)

Talking of Minotaurs, I also found this Minotaur in the Maelstrom Games eBay store and it's not too expensive either for a top quality Lord level model.

Pretty neat heh ?!

PS. Can you tell I have started turning my attention to Beastmen ? Muhahaha !  :D

Cygor Beastmen Army Miniature - Rare Unit

A new Cygor miniature for the Beastmen Army Rare Units - rare indeed !

Games Workshop don't have any Ghorgon or Cygor miniatures out at the moment so we need to look elsewhere. I found this model on eBay by an outfit that also provide decent Ghorgon models (more about that in another post).  I think this miniature is probably the only purpose built Cygor on the market right now, at least I cannot find any others. It is no cheap but it is massive (15 cm tall !) so you're getting quite a neat model for your cash.

Cygor details on eBay

You can contact them through their Miniature Painting Group eBay shop.

Miniature Painting Group eBay shop

Images used with permission of Miniature Painting Group.

Island of Blood in 3D (360 rotating)

"Three dimensional" pics of the Island of Blood special characters: Prince Althran, Caladris the Mage, Warlock Engineer Ratchitt, and Warlock Skreet Verminkin.

Games workshop have published some nice 3D rotating pics of the Island of Blood special characters:-

There are also photos of ALL of the new models / miniatures here:-

And some high level basic tactics here:-

Images are © Games Workshop. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

New Daemons of Chaos Champion

Awesome Chaos Daemons miniature hero or champion (25mm base) by Avatars of War

This is one hell of a good sculpt. In fact just about all of the Avatars of War miniatures are brilliant. They specialize in lords and hero level characters and they do a heck of a good job at it - or in this case a "hell" of a good job :D

the completed model ready for your demonic cash !

the work in progress

Images are © Avatars of War. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

GW's 8th Edition Rulebook Guide - by Jervis Johnson

A very nice Warhammer Fantasy Battle rules summary and "things to look out for" guide from Games Workshop - the "Steadfast" articles.

The thing which really startled me when I read this guide was how much I had actually missed or not properly absorbed on my first reading of the rulebook. I guess the only way to really get going with the new rules is to get a few small battles under your belt while paying a lot of attention to the changes.

It's an 8 page article split into 3 sections. The guide really is excellent and well worth some reading time.

WFB Steadfast Article - Part One

1) An Introduction
2) General Advice & Army Selection
3) Infantry & Cavalry Tactics
4) Missile Fire

WFB Steadfast Article - Part Two

1) Characters
2) Charging
3) Scenarios

WFB Steadfast Article - Part Three

1) A one page Appendix of "easy to miss" rules.

Here's one of the tips I missed:-

"...Dispel scolls are now limited to one per army" - how did I miss that ?! - no more caddies !

Images are © Games Workshop. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

Doom Seeker 5 WFB Fanzine Released

The fan-made Warhammer Fantasy Battle pdf eZine from Bilbo Baggins for Autumn 2010 for free download or viewing online.

Bilbo Baggins really is a great guy. He's the editor-in-chief and inspiration behind The Doom Seeker magazine and a very welcome and valued contributor* to the Battle Reporter forum - where all the friendliest Hammerers live !

* Bilbo has loads of "rep" on our forum for all his great contributions and input. Check out Bilbo's Library of Warhammer Fantasy Resources (ask nicely and Bilbo will grant your wishes !)

Bilbo has provided 3 different ways to download (20 meg) or view The Doom Seeker issue 5 here.

The Doom Seeker Issue 5 is a 48 page tome of Warhammering entertainment.

In summary the issue contains:-

A feature on Warhammer podcasts and links to 6 of the best including an interview with David Witek and Christopher Barnette at GarageHammer (the guys who put together a marathon show for the Warhammer 8th edition rulebook launch).

I hadn't actually heard of garagehammer before now but they sound like such friendly and cool guys I'll be tuning in from now on. Podcasts are actually great to listen to while you're blogging or, I suspect, painting (although I am too scared to paint at the moment - but that's another topic !)

An interview with the designer of the unofficial (and awesome!) Araby army book, Mathias (or M4cR1LL3n to give him his forum name).

Mathias talks about the inspiration behind the book, how he went about it, where you can get the minis, and, what sounds like his favourite army feature - Holy War ! Army wide frenzy for a single turn.

(My personal favourites are the Genies, the Flying Carpets and the Sandwraiths).

Mathias writes...  "The army is played in a similar way of Dark ELves/Wood Elves, combined with the big infantry units of the Empire."

And, wait for it...

Mathias is working on his 7th WFB army book - Estalia.

If you haven't been following these army books then you have been seriously missing out !  They are of an extremely high quality and are totally free to view online or download as a pdf - there are no catches whatsoever !

You can find all 7 FREE unofficial Warhammer Army Book pdfs here.

  • Some excellent articles by Ironlord, one of the major contributors and a great writer:-
  1.   A nice take and critical review on essential, non-essential and plain "nice-to-have" items accompanying the new rulebook release.
  2.   Reviews of the new "True Line of Sight" rules and the Terrain rules "reboot".
  3.   A Warhammer story "A Firewolf Saga : The Battle of Dead Canyon"
  • A story "Black Wolves Still Live" by James Daniel Darr - (author of Path of Vampiric Verse)
  • Some modeling articles, terrain making by STEAM and movement trays and A Vision of Chaos by Ironlord.
  • And finally and interestingly, Bilbo's thoughts on the 8th edition rule changes. I particularly like his point about Breath Weapons "did the pilot light go out" - lol.
Thanks again to Bilbo and co. for coming up with a friendly, engaging and very pleasing issue to read.

On a personal note, I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to Bilbo for not delivering on my promise to submit an article covering the Nauticans. I promise (again !) to do so for the next edition and I'll make sure it includes some unique insights.

Note: I haven't gone into much depth in this review simply because I haven't read the magazine cover to cover yet (esp. the stories) but I will once I get near the printer at work ;)  I've skimmed through and read bits and pieces and it's been great so far. I promised to get this online tonight, so, here you go.

Island of Blood pics, prices & novel !

Games Workshop put the Island of Blood boxed set on Advance Order today.

It's £60 in the UK and $99 in the US. Black Library have even released a novel called Island of Blood to coincide with the release !

If you order it in advance it's shipped for free and you should get it by 4th September. The mini rulebook is 200 pages long and you get a full colour 32 page guide to the Island of Blood (although I'm not sure exactly what that includes - presumably the background to an Island which has had a lot of fighting on it !)

All the details here:-

Image is © Games Workshop. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

Fantasy Miniature Showcase Gallery

Inspire yourself with expert Warhammer miniatures, painting, modeling and fantastic ideas ! 

I've been putting together a Fantasy Modeling / Painting Gallery to inspire (myself mainly !) If you're not following it already, check out the slideshow below and quickly add me to your twitter, facebook friends or google follow list. If you're a blogger please add the site to your blogroll (

The gallery is mainly a showcase of other peoples pics (used with permission). I try to find stuff that inspires me, be it, miniature photos, terrain and scenery or just smart modeling ideas. I'm planning to move onto some modeling, painting and photography tips - not because I'm any good at it, just because I love blogging, sharing this stuff and seeing my visitor count go up :)  I'm also interested in conversions and customized miniatures - more of that at a later date I guess.

Anyway, to whet your appetite, check out the slideshow (176 pics so far and counting....)

Many thanks to all the miniature painters and modelers who kindly allowed me to post their images.

Warhammer Fantasy Tweets

All of my Fantasy Battle blogs can now be followed on Twitter

I've just set up my account so all new posts on the Miniatures Gallery, Battle Reporter blog, WFB Reports hub and both Nautican Army list and design notes sites should now appear on my Twitter site - that's the plan anyway !

Worst Warhammer Army (8th ed. fantasy battle rules)

The Empire is emerging as the best Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army under the 8th Edition rulebook.

So, let's find out which is the worst or lets's be kinder and say the "weakest army". It doesn't necessarily follow that the worst is the least voted for "best army" (if you know what I mean ?!) and because it's a slow news week let's go for another poll :)

Cast your votes (select 5 armies) !  :-

the best & worst Warhammer Fantasy Battle armies

Please also vote for the best or most powerful army if you haven't already done so.

Image is © Games Workshop. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

Best 8th edition Warhammer Army

Which Fantasy Battle armies are the most powerful under the 8th edition Warhammer rules ?

I've added a poll to the site where you can select the 5 Fantasy Battle Armies that you now think are the most powerful under the 8th edition rules.

You'll find the poll about half way down the page on the right (or just click the poll image on the right) and it lasts until the end of 2010 - so you can check back to see what the consensus is.

I'd really appreciate it if you would cast your votes.

Thanks folks,

I will post a link to the final result here.

Warhammer Battle Magic Tactica - by GW

Fantasy Battle Magic tactics for Warhammer 8th edition - by Games Workshop (Mat Ward)

It's written by Mat Ward (one of the main rulebook designers no less !) and is 11 pages long and a very nice read. It doesn't go into huge detail, it's more of a summarized tactica but it's certainly worth your time.

When I got to the end I found it covered more than I thought it would. Mat's also thrown in some nice new (to me) terminology for good measure, including; "master & apprentice" combinations and a "magic circle of wizards". Mat also talks about miscasts and getting the most from Battle Magic. The there's a summary of every lore (ie. Fire, Beasts, Metal, Light, Life, Heavens, Shadows and Death) with a note on who should crave the lore, who should dread it and Mat's favourite spells.
(paste link into your browser)

Nice work GW and Mat, thanks.

Image is © Games Workshop. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

Painted Island of Blood Miniatures

Some excellent close up shots of painted Island of Blood 8th edition box starter set models from Games Workshop

I found these on the Chest of Colors forum posted by Corvus ( It's an excellent gaming website / forum for miniatures, painting and modeling. I thoroughly recommend it.

(Check out the Chest of Colors forum where you'll find a few more photos)

These are the best quality starter set miniatures that GW have ever released. The Griffon rider is fantastic as are the Ellyrian Reavers, the Rat Ogre and the Swordmasters.

Images are © Games Workshop. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

A Sword Lost and found - do you recognize this ?

A Golden Demon painting Battle Reporter needs our help!

So, do you recognize this sword ? It's clearly chaos and / or daemon but was it cut off by one of your High Elves or Dwarven Slayers ?!

A fellow Facebook friend is looking to find out if it's a legitimate GW "bit" to make sure his planned Golden Demon entry will pass muster.

If anyone knows please post a reply here.

Thanks guys (and warped demon / chaos kind !)

BTW, James tells me that this sword is definitely over 10 years old.

(click the sword to enlarge it in a new window)

Question answered, thanks everyone !  

This is definitely Abaddon the Despoiler's daemon sword named Drach'yen from the 40k range. For anyone interested, you can find Abbadon here:-
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