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Albion - a new Warhammer Fantasy Army pdf has been released

An unofficial Warhammer Battle Army book pdf for free download (or viewing online)

Mathias (or M4cR1II3n to give him his forum name) has created another outstanding army list for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Not content with Araby, Cathay, Kislev and Nippon he's now come up with Albion and the standards of presentation and content are equally as high (and we're talking very high, as in Empire State building kind of high !)

We've added the new army to the forum :-

Battle Reporter - Unofficial Warhammer Armies forum here.

Please join and give us your feedback, we're a friendly bunch.

Here's a quick rundown...

Why collect Albion ?

The army of Albion is filled with barbarian warriors and mystical creatures. Warbands and frenzied Woad Raiders form the core of the army, Chariots swirl over the battlefield, Swordmaidens display their skill with the blade, and Truthsayers call forth the power of the earth itself.

Loads of fantastic unique units like:-

- the Fenbeast, an unbreakable, non-thinking, plant like creature
- the Hearth Guard, a chieftains personal bodyguard, elite stubborn warriors.
- frenzied armour-less shock troops covered from head to foot in tattoos.
- head hurling skirmishers !
- teams with hunting dogs.
- giant stubborn Mastodons (unit strength 10) that carry their masters into battle.
- the terrifying Fir Bolg, that enhances it's ranks with it's enemies dead !
- even flying pixies that can befuddle the enemy with their glamour.

In all there are 5 Lord, 4 Heroes, 6 core units, 6 special units, 3 rare units, almost 50 magic items and a whole new Lore of the Truthsayers. You can even choose Boudeca (aka Bodicea) to lead your army into battle !

We now have all of these cool armies on the forum for free use. Please consider joining the forum to provide your comments and suggestions or, even better, play testing feedback. Thanks folks, Sigmar.

All of the above armies are unofficial and none of them are endorsed by Games Workshop
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