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Is a ball & chain slowing you up ? Countering those pesky fanatics.

You know what it's like... You're rubbing your hands together anticipating a grand victory and a total massacre of the goblin masses before you (with the exception, possibly, of Grimgor Ironhide !). Their gobbos will run at the first sign of trouble, the orcs won't stand up to your cavalry and you just need a couple of good dice rolls to see to the black orcs.

Everything has been thought out, it's all in the bag...

Turn 1 - great, it's all going to plan.

Turn 2 - perfect, another good turn for you

Turn 3 - FANATICS !

Yep, sadly these pesky fellas have been a given in every goblinoid army I have fought. They play havoc with your plans, can cause widespread panic in the ranks and it's almost impossible to stop your enemy from releasing the drugged up little asbo order seekers.

So, what can you do about them ?

1) kill or rout the night goblin unit

oh yeah, how ? Well massed missile and artillery might do the trick but it's an expensive use of resources really.

2) stop them from moving

possible but very difficult. You would need the right wizards in just the right place at the right time. Not an option really.

3) embrace them like long lost friends, or at least, pretend you are going to !

Yep, this is the option you should be choosing. It might sound like madness now but what you need most of all is those fanatics out in the open as soon as possible and the closer to the enemy's lines the better.

Remember fanatics have to break cover (or rather charge in a frothy screaming mad way)towards any enemy approaching within 8 inches. Cheap skirmishing units are the way to go to egg those pesky boys out of their night golblin units. Failing that, flying units might do the trick just aswell. Remember that it's 2D6 inches that these fanatics go so if you approach them, there is only a 42% chance they will actually reach you because they would have to roll 8 inches or better to make contact.

Well, that's enough for now. I probably haven't told you anything you didn't already know. Please feel free to leave you own comments (you don't even have to join, anonymous visitor comments are permitted).

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