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How to beat a Wood Elf army with High Elves (Part II - Exposing Wood Elf Weaknesses)

The Key to fighting Wood Elves is digging deep into the army book to expose their weaknesses.

Wood Elves are quite a nicely balanced army but they do rely quite heavily on missile fire, Woods (of course), magic (mainly magic items, not spells), fear and flammable Treemen and Treekin !

So here goes...

I will magically turn some of their strengths into weaknesses.

1) Missile Fire
  • I will engane my enemy with the greatest haste, some cavalry units will be required and possibly a great Eagle to tie up missile troops and particularly Waywatchers or any independent characters with magic talisman missiles such as the Hail of Doom Arrow (3D6 Str 4), Starfire Arrows (casualties = panic test) or Arcane Bodkins (no armour saves)

2) Woods
  • I will stear clear of Woods, never approaching within 6 inches (this will save me from the Treesinging Spell (D6 str5), part of the Fury of the Forest (D6 str5) and I will not be suprised by any one charging out of a wood.

3) Magic
  • Haha ! This is where I can easily outdo the Woodies :) My mages are superior (Book of Hoeth arcane item = Irresistable force) and I have the ability to switch off the winds of magic for a turn (Vortex Shard arcane item). I do not fear the enemy's magic users.

4) Fear
  • I don't like fear, it scares me. The only real option open to me is to fight fire with fire. I will try to deploy my fear causing Phoenix Guard against their fear causing Dryads (a core unit and likely to be deployed in force as they are rather cheap 12pts and have 2 attacks, Str4, T4 !)

5) Flammable Tree things !

I have several options open to me and I'm undecided at the moment but here are some ideas...
  • I don't see any beavers in my army so I guess I will have to look for some flames to bring down the Treeman that I'm pretty certain my opponent will deploy. I need a mage in any case and, while I do like HIgh Magic spells there's only one Flames of the Phoenix which can help me, so instead I'll opt for the Lore of Fire. The spells are mostly low strength but inflicting a couple of wounds on the Treeman before I enter combat with hime could be priceless.
  • As a back up I am looking into getting a few magic items. Worth considering are Sword of Hoeth - All hits wound automatically, Foe Bane - against targets with 2 or more wounds on their starting profile (always wound on a 2+).
  • Also, don't forget that the repeater bolthrower could come in handy against a treeman (or the Bow of the Seafarer)
  • Last but not least I could always opt for a dragon, a nice dragon breath burp on the Treeman and then swooping down into combat.

Next I will be discussing how to counteract my High Elf army's weaknesses.

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