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Flagellant Warbands (Warhammer Fantasy Empire Army)

I have a bit of advice for our Empire generals...

Always include a flagellant warband in your army. If you're worried about it using up a rare unit slot in your amry list then take a warrior priest then you can take the flagellants as a core unit.

Here's why...

Flagellant have that rare ability of being unbreakable. This is priceless in a limited trun battle. Your cheap and cheerful unit of flagellants can hold up much tougher units that could rout several units if they got into combat.

I'm not saying flagellants are great for winning games because they are not. They will rarely rout quality enemy troops and will not drive through the enemy ranks and cause mass fear and panic. In fact they are very mediocre in all respects but one...

they cannot be routed and never, ever take break tests !

This is quite simply priceless on the battle field. I wholly reliable unit that will fight to the bitter end, no matter what.

If you deploy enough of them (you can only ever have 1 unit, up to 30 strong) you can even rout enemy units (although not powerful enemy troops like cavalry).

With their frenzy (+2 attacks) and str 5 in the first turn of combat they can be quite good against lesser enemies but this isn't that important because you don't want them fighting lesser enemies. Send them against the enemies big hitters if you don't want them engaging the rest of your army. For example, even Grimgor Ironhide and his black orc unit will take a few turns to kill the flagellants and that can be enough to outflank him with a couple of units, ruin his combat res and rout him.

One thing to remember, you might need to shield your flag-lings from missile fire, they want to die and so don't bother with armour of any kind. You need to get them up close and personal quickly so I would recommend having them follow some outriders or a skirmish unit of archers.

Flagellant units... don't leave home without one !
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