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How to beat Bretonnia, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, High Elves, Lizardmen, Ogre Kingdoms, Orcs Goblins, Skaven, Empire, Tomb Kings, Vampire Counts & Wood Elves

This is the first in my "how to beat" series and a summary of what you're likely to see over the next few weeks.

"How do I beat Warhammer Army 'X' ?"
...must be one of the most asked questions in the Warhammer World by frustrated gamers who keep getting a bit of a thumping by their mates or friends at the local gaming club or Games Workshop or, indeed, in tournaments.

My 'how to beat' guide will focus on specific enemy army weaknesses and how you exploit those weaknesses. I will also look at the enemy army strengths which you need to be mindful of and must try to counter or have a plan for to negate their effectiveness.

I will be providing a summary covering all armies before I really get into depth into each one. I am also going to suggest the tactics you should focus on irrespctive of which army you are fielding and I will choose the army I think is best suited for beating a particular foe.

Here's the Summary format:-

Army X
  • One Key Strength - a one line summary of what you need to protect against.
  • One Key Weakness - the weak point you need to go for to beat Army X
  • Your focus - 3 tactics that you can employ to beat Army X

  • The Ideal Army Race to tackle Army X on the battlefield.

and, here's an example:-


  • Strength : cavalry charge
  • Weakness : easy to outnumber

Your Focus:-

  • Outnumber the enemy
  • Employ Armour Save modifier attacks
  • March Block and Engage with mulitple units

Ideal Opponent = The Empire

The Detail Format, will obviously be much more specific and drilldown into the above strengths, weaknesses and tactics.

Please keep an eye on my Warhammer Tactics thread for future updates.

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