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Ogre Kingdoms - Initial Impressions (how to win with Ogres and Ogre Kingdom's strengths and weaknesses)

I have had the Ogre Kingdoms army list for a week now and have been flipping through it to get a 'feel' for the army strengths and weaknesses.

On the face of it Ogres look totally different to any other of the lists (and I have them all except Hordes of Chaos and Vampire Counts - I'm waiting for the new book in Feb 2008)

An Ogre army, as expected, has a high overall toughness but what struck me most was the extremely high strength (esp with Great Weapons) and the number of attacks.

The other most noticeable attribute is the very high points cost of the army and lack of tactical options available.

This army is one of the least successful in tournaments and I can see good reason for this, even at this early stage in my analysis.

However, all is not lost for Ogre lovers (oooerrr...). I suspect that the primary weakness is due to predictability and the enemy being able to second guess your army composition and hence your likely tactics.

From what I have noticed so far the Ogres look quite vulnerable to :-

1) flanking (due to high points cost and low numbers iof models)
2) losing combats to high rank and file opponents (due to a lack of rank bonus)
3) artillery attack and missile attacks (due to a lack of a feasible counter to these - ie their own long range missile troops, flyers and cavalry).

So, with the above in mind I will be recommending some viable tactics. We will focus on trying to make the Ogre army as flexible as possible and try to turn it into a real battle winner.

Before I go there's one more thing. The presentation of the Ogre book has been taken to the next level. It's one of the more desirable 'collectible' books with colour pages featuring the key units. Games Workshop has done a great job on this book

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