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Orc & Goblin Magic Banners

Nearly all of the Orc and Goblin standards are quite useful and reasonable value.

Another "in a nutshell" post...

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There are 6 of them, here are my top 3 picks:-

Mork's Spirit-Totem : 50 points (orcs only)

This is not a combat related banner like most of the others. It's for magical defence and therefore a useful addition against enemies who are heavy in spell casters.

You get to add dispel dice to you pile (up to 3). 1 per rank in the unit.

The hidden cost of this banner is the number of orcs in the unit which you are going to have to protect more than a usual 'full on' combat unit.

You could give this banner to the battle standard bearer who can move between units but this will make him very vulnerable to missile fire.

The Spider Banner : 50 pts.

All gobbos (excluding mounts) in a unit have poisoned missile and hand weapons.

Good for fighting armies with a low or non existant armour save, say Wood Elves or Skaven. Don't bother with this banner against knights or Dwarfs, they will be too protected by their armour. You could also use this banner against high toughness opppnents with low saves like Treekin, Kroxigor, Trolls, Ogres etc

Note at 50 pts this banner is quite expensive so us it wisely.

Nogg's Banner of Butchery : 25 pts (one use only)

Gives the unit +1 attack, once during the battle.

Equip your hardest strike force units with this, like Black Orcs or Boar Riders.

Note: There's nothing to say you cannot use great weapons with that +1 attack because this is a magic banner not a magic weapon. Make sure you charge into combat, strike first and then watch the enemy front rank crumble :)

For some more awesome banners from the Games Workshop Eavy Metal boys click here to open in a new window.

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