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Tomb Kings Core Units. Skeleton units, Chariots and Swarms

One problem you have to overcome with a Tomb King army is the scarcity of hard hitting core units.

You do however know that none of your units will yield any ground to the enemy. Even if they lose round after round of combat they remain unbreakable and your enemy will have to destroy them to win the battle.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage. A large unit of skeletons can hold up enemy units for several turns and are great for protecting your flanks but that's not enough to win the battle. It's imperative you include support troops in your army and they need to be fast.

Your enemies rank bonus is key to them winning a quick and decisive victory over you. There are 3 things you MUST do when fielding a Tomb King army:-

1) flank your enemy with cavalry so they lose their rank bonus
2) keep your important combat units near your battle standard (12" to reduce the wounds you suffer when losing a combat)
3) protect your Hierophant at all costs, if he dies your army will soon turn to dust and return to the sands.

So, for evey skeleton foot unit you should include a cavalry unit or chariot.

Note: Tomb Kings use light chariots which are not as effective as normal chariots. Don't worry though, they are cheap and your primary consideration is to outnumber your foe, flank him and eventually he will rout.

Another important consideration is the use of standard bearers. All foot troops should be given a standard to help with your rank bonus, this is particularly important for Tomb King. Remember that you lose an extra wound (on top of those lost in the actual combat) for each point by which you lose a combat resolution.

Anything you can do to increase your combat resolution and reduce your enemy's is of the utmost importance. Always have 4 or 5 ranks at the beginning of the battle.

Light chariots are cheap in comparison with your cavalry options and they will cause impact hits which could be useful against foes who always strike first.

Your fast cavalry should not lose their 'undeath' too cheaply. Only you them to outflank if there are no other cavalry or chariot units on hand to assist foot soldiers. Keep your light cavalry for outflanking the whole enemy force so you can try to get to their rear echelon units like artillery. Your enemy will have to tie down units and keep them in reserve to cater for any of your fast cavalry units.

With Tomb Kings more than other armies you will find your forces bunched up around your battle standard to reduce loses and your Hierophant to protect him. You don't want the enemy to take advantage of this so keep fast cavalry units near your flanks to harry any enemy foot soldiers and heavy cav to tie up any enemy cavalry.

Next up we will look at the special characters and magic to see if there's anything in the undead world that can save your skin (or what little of it you have left)

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