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Tomb Kings Warhammer Army - Analysis & Tactics Part I (Summary and Army Character)

Summary - The Army Character

I have only recently acquired the Tomb Kings book but the initial impressions are very favourable indeed. Games Workshop always do a good job when it comes to bringing rich colourful characterisation to their Fantasy Army lists and this book is no exception. In this instance GW have exceeded my expectations and really brought the Undead Tomb King army to, errr... life (so to speak).

It's the units themselves and the special army rule considerations that make this book a real pleasure to digest. Tomb Kings really are unique in this respect. Their army defies some of the conventional rules that all other armies, generally, have to abide to. No break tests ever and no psychology are the 2 main examples of this, also, the whole army causes fear ! - as you might expect :)

I find myself referring back to the special army rules a lot to better anaylse the true strengths and weaknesses of the units. Not having to worry about a unit routing really does change the way you think about army selection and it's a pleasurable diversion from the norm.

Tomb Kings have not performed particularly well over the past few years in the GW Grand Tournaments but their stats suggest they should be a formidable foe if played to their strengths. I am going to write a number of posts on this Warhammer Army to specifically break down their strengths and weaknesses and point to possible tactics you might want to try.

The posts will be broken down, to reduce the amount of typing I have to do in 1 visit to the keyboard ! So I will be posting the below:-

The Summary (this post)
Best Unit Selection and special abilities for
  • Core Units
  • Special Units
  • Rare Units
Army Lords and Heroes
Army Magic
Army Tactics & deployment

and finally... Special Characters, broken down to a separate post for each one.


I see no reason my this army cannot be a tournament winner or certainly vie for places in the top 10. It has a wonderful "feel" to it (although, slighty bony and smelling of death and decay). The only problem I have now is that it's making me want to go back to Games Workshop and spend my savings on a new army ! Gulp.
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