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Games Workshop to upgrade it's online storefront in 2008

The online presence (hopefully both the sotrefront and the rest of the site) will be upgraded by Art Technology Group a leading e-commerce platform vendor. I hope they do a good job because I rather like the current version !

GW said :-

"We chose ATG to create a robust, multi-lingual, multi-currency online
storefront that will allow us to interact with our hobbyists from all over the
world and build on our reputation for great customer service. In addition, ATG
will enable us to better harness the web channel as we look to more effectively
personalise our product offers, helping us to recruit new gamers of all ages and
keep existing customers involved in the hobby." (Paul Lyons)

Some other interesting things in the press release:-

  • GW has 340 dedicated stores and 4000 independent retailers ! and are expecting their customer base to expand.

I liked the sound of what ATG had to say...

"By offering a highly flexible e-commerce platform and effective
personalisation tools, ATG is in an excellent position to help Games Workshop
take that customer experience to the next level"

I wonder if these "personalisation tools" can be used to remember which armies you collect and which product lines you're interested in etc.

Here's an idea for Games Workshop...

How about being able to upload piccies aswell GW and even better how about an online register of commanders and wins/draws/losses. You could have a person post the details up with a brief battle report, photos of the opponents, their armies and the battlefield and then the opponent could confirm the details. Some people are bound to abuse it but I think it might work and be a nice league table.
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