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How to beat High Elves with a Wood Elf Army (2000 pts Warhammer Fantasy Battle)

A few weeks ago I pitted my new High Elf army against my friend's new Wood Elf Army.

Like I said before, it was a Massacre - yep, he thrashed me :(

There were a few key decisions and army choices that made all the difference and the location of wooded terrain features across the center of the battlefield.

Firstly, I was ill prepared and trusted to luck too much. I was in a crazy rush before the game and just took some Swordmasters I had to hand instead of digging out my Dragon Princes - mistake 1

Secondly, I opted for a virtually all elite theme, figuring that once in combat his army would not stand a chance - mistake 2

Thirdly, I didn't take any repeating bolt throwers to the party - mistake 3

Some of my better decisions.

I tried to second guess my opponent. I didn't think he would bother investing in Magic knowing that the High Elves would probably 'out-gun' him in. Therefore I didn't bother with mages thinking there would be no Wood Elf spellweavers or spellsingers.

It was a risk that paid off. The only magic spells to deal came in the form of Tree Singing by his Treeman - this only worked for him a couple of times and did not cause too much damage (note: I forgot about the extra High Elf dispel dice !)

Another good decision was taking a large unit of Phoeni Guard. This was my last unit standing and they absorbed a lot of punishment until I finally gave the order for them to Surrender (Caradryan was taken alive and eventually randsomed back to the Ulthuan authorities)

The Battlefield

We used quite a lot of scenery (to add to the 'atmosphere') 16 pieces all told. Most were walls, fences and buildings which did not have a huge bearing on the game.

However, there were also 3 woods, I got one of them and place it well out of the way on my table edge. My enemy got 2 woods and, quite rightly, placed them smack bang in the middle of the battlefield - uh oh !

Later on this caused me no end of trouble.

The Decisive Moments

The Wood Elves deployed mainly begind the woods with Waywatcher scouts inside them.

I had 2 units of 20 swordmasters. One was shielded to some extent my the Phoenix Guard but still exposed.

By the time my Swordmasters got into some serious fighting they had lost almost half their number to longbow fire.

My swordmasters easily routed a unit of Dryads in the woods but did not pursue due to the proximity of wardancers and eternal guard.

The same Swordmasters were double charged and despite putting up a good fight they routed due to the loss of their rank bonus and were cut down to a man (or Elf)

My Lion chariot suffered poor maneuverability as a consequence of it's positon behind my forces (out of missile fire harm)

I had to move my chariot to counter a threat from some fast cavalry, this ended up in something of a standoff and didn't help my cause.

My small unit of 10 whitelions suffered some missile fire but eventually made it to the woods. I was so relieved that when I did get there I forgot (for a turn) that they are Woodsmen and can move without penalty ! (doh)

They key combat was mySwordmasters against the Wood Elf Treeman. The Swordmasters performed admirably aided by a magic weapon and that my army general (Caradryan) was within 12". They almost killed the Treeman when Caradryan joined the fight (the Treeman had 1 wound left which was enough for him to rout both my Swordmasters (who later recovered and destroyed a unit of Wardancers) and (worryingly my Phoenix Guard - who also later rallied but founf themselves surrounded by woody archers)

All in all it was a disaster for me but I learnt a lot (in only my 4th game back after a year absence)

1) I have to take cavaly with the banner which allows them to traverse difficult terrain without penalty.

2) A repeating bolt thrower on my hill would have made all the difference.

3) I have to deal with the enemy scouts and glade guard rather than try to advance my troops through a hail of missile fire

4) I will not put all my eggs in 1 basket again and rely solely on the hand to hand martial prowess of High Elves.

I have not had time to write up a full battle report because of Christmas duties but we have a rematch in 3 weeks time which I am hoping to record in detail and maybe do the full video treatment on it.

For me the highpoints were:-

1) Knowing I can kill a treeman with Swordmasters (given a little help)

2) Killing his Highborn with my Phoenix Guard

3) Routing a large unit of Dyads in 1 turn with my second unit of Swordmasters.

The last words should be about my opponent.

His army selection was far superior to mine as was his troop placement, movement and battle plan.

He well and truly outplayed me so congrats to him but...

I will have my revenge :)

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