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Magic Banners of the Tomb Kings - Possible Army Standards

The undead banners are quite consistently useful. Some armies have some very desirable banners but more usually they seem like the final counterweight on the pan-armies balancing scales.

Tomb King banners embody the spirit of an undead desert based army. They have plenty of character about them and they're all rather handy in a "dry" humoured kind of way ;-)

Two of the banners offer you significant control over your enemy's movements across the battle field.

The Standard of the Sands

... allows you to prevent your enemy from making any march moves at all ! Yep, the whole enemy army and there's nothing they can do about it !

At 75pts I find it a touch on the expensive size but the challenge is for the Undead army to come up with a seriously cunning plan to make the best use of the ability.

The Banner of the Hidden Dead

... can also be used to disrupt enemy movements by animating a unit right next to an enemy unit (note you can then move but not charge because the banner takes effect in the remaining moves part of the turn after charges have been declared - which seems a bit cheap to me). The range is a bit limited as is the restriction of 100pts maximum core unit (which must be a unit already included in your army).

However, despite these weaknesses, the banner still offers up some interesting tactical options (like getting behin enemy lines !) Sure, the 100 pt core unit is not going to win yoy any battles (or combats !) but it will be good enough to hold up a possibly key enemy unit (think heavy cavalry) while you charge them in another flank or rear !

You've just got to hand it to those old bone heads. I don't know where they keep their brains but they still know how to use them :)

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