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Terradons (Lizardmen Warhammer Army Special Unit)

Aha, flying Lizards are an essential addition to your Warhammer Fantasy Army if you're fighting...

Dwarfs, The Empire, High or Dark Elves, Bretonnians or Ogre Kingdoms

Why have I picked these armies you may ask, or you might not care but I'll tell you anyway.

You need the terradons to quickly neutralise the enemies artillery or, in the case of Bretonnians and Ogres, to march block them.

Terradons are quite fairly priced in points terms. You might think that 35 pts is a lot per terradon but don't forget, they have wings !

They're actually ok in close combat too and more than a match for the enemies war machine crews (except maybe the Gnoblar Scrap Launcher and Rhinox)

They have the usual kit of poisoned javelins and benefit from a neat 3 strength 4 attacks when in hand to hand melee.

I recommend you take the option of promoting a skink rider to brave. It's only one more attack but you will proabably only want to take one of these units into battle in a 2000 pt game so it's worth making them as strong as possible.

You'll need to be ultra careful with these guys. They only have 2 wounds and a toughness of 3. Do not fly headlong into bolt throwers or ranked up missile troops.

Remember that these guys cannot be joined by any characters, unless you want to move at 2inches a turn ! (non of them have the option to have a terradon mount - it's a shame really)

The way to avoid missile fire is to put your enemy under a more immediate threat with cavalry plus skink skirmishers (to draw off some enemy units) then tempt him into firing at your ranked troops rather than your terradons. When I say the above I'm really talking about bolt throwers and especially repeating bolt throwers which will be your arch enemy, as far as your flyers are concerned (make sure you land them behind cavalry or better, skirmishers on your initial approach).

One of the tactically interesting facets to terradons is their 'hit and run' rule. This means that they never rout or have to take a rally test on the turn they charge or are charged. If broken in combat they simply fly off (treated exactly like fleeing but it's called 'falling back') and, importantly, the enemy cannot pursue. If you're fighting war machine crew they would be silly to pursue and lose a turn making their way back to their machine anyway.

What the hit and run means is your terradons are:-

1) harder to kill outright
2) they can fly around the enemies lines disruptiong war machine crew and reducing their fire rate without having to kill them / die trying or be killed / routed and lose 1 or more turns continuing to rout or rallying.

The hit and run makes your terradons more flexible for taking on enemy war machines and moving from one to the next more quickly.

Terradons are not brilliant in any respect but if you're facing an enemy with any kind of long range capabilities they can be useful in disrupting the enemies fire especially when used in conjunction with your other fast movers like cold one riders or even skink skirmishers.

On their own terradons do remain very vulnerable to missile fire so back them up and encourage your enemy to target better armoured troops or just annoying skinks :)

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