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White Dwarf February 2008 (WD338 from Games Workshop Monthly Mag Feb 2008) - My analysis

White Dwarf WD338...

...proves to be a good read if you like Warhammer Fantasy Battle AND Lord of the Rings.


For Lord of the Rings lovers there is a long feature (almost 40 pages) around the LOTR Strategy Game - Harad. There's a very long battle report with some nice photos and lots of large Mumakil. I like it but I don't know anything much about the LOTR wargame so I won't comment anymore.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Some additions to the miniatures collection range, including:-

Empire Captain with Gory Blade (£7)
(looks like a very gory blade to me !)
A nice figure with the captain wiping his blade with a cloth with an orcs head at his feet.

He would make a nice Greatswords leader.

High Elf Noble (£7)
Wielding a sword in his left hand pointing in a quite "determined" manner. A nice figure but it's not quite unique enough to make it great.

The Blessing of Sigmar (£8)
This actually looks like a Warrior Priest is holding his hand out to bless a kneeling human holding something (it's either a scroll or a gun !). Sorry I cannot make it out any better.

A very small (2 page) feature on Warhammer's 25th anniversary
nice battle photo of Humans vs Chaos.

Tactica on Empire Infantrymen (6 pages)

4 Pages of excellent Dwarf 'Eavy Metal Painting

A very nice diorama picture on the inside back cover of some previously unseen Vampire Counts (I haven't seen them anyway !)
There appears to be some ghosts, scythe wielding robed skeltons (I don't know what they are), zombies and a mounted dragon. I am not an expert though on Vampire Counts.

Black Library

4 books. I have to confess I have never read one before (although I plan to). Here are the names of the books:-

Empire in Chaos - Anthony Reynolds
Scourge the Heretic - Sandy Mitchell
Oathbreaker - Nick Kyme
Grudgelore - Nick Kyme and Gav Thorpe

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