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Vampire Counts Magic Items and Special Army Rules

All the new (2008) Vampire Counts Magic Items and Special Army Rules
(as reported on Warseer)

I cannot vouch for the accuracy but the detail looks genuine on the face of it.

Magic Items

Magic Weapons

Frost Blade: Any model taking a wound is slain outright.

Dreadlance: Lance, attacks automatically hit.

Black Axe of Krell: Wight king only, greatweapon causes d3 wounds, any model not slain must pas a toughness test each round or suffer another wound.

Blood Drinker: Vampire Only, each unsaved wound heals a wound to the wielder or the unit they are in.

Skabscrath: Bearer causes terror

Sword of Kings: Gains killing blow, wightkings gain killing blow on 5+

Tomb Blade: If in unit of skeleton warriors each wound creates a new skeleton.

Balefire Spike: Lance, attacks are flaming.


Carstein Ring: The vampire is revive from slain once on a roll of 2+, if returned to life place model in the front rank of any friendly unit on the table. If there is no unit, the vampire is removed as a casualty.

Crown of the Damned: 4+ ward save bear subject to stupidity.

Wristbands of Black Gold: 3+ ward save against all ranged attacks. magic missles, templates etc.

Gem of Blood: One use only. On the first wound suffered in close combat, roll D6, on the roll of a 1 the bearer takes the wound and an extra wound, on 2+ the wound is rebounded onto the model that caused it with no armor save.

Arcane Items

Skullstaff: +1 to casting and dispelling rolls.

Staff of Damnation: Bound Spell with Power 3. All friendly undead with in 12" make a single attack. roll a die each time it is used, breaks on a 1.

Book of Arkhan: Bound Spell with power 3. Casts Vanhel's Danse Macarbre, roll a die each time it is used, breaks on a 1.

Sceptre de Noirot: bearer raises d3+9 zombies with raise dead.

Crimson Gem of Lahmia: Vampires only, at anytime during the magic pahse the bearer may expend one wound to gain a power die.

Black Periapt: Allows bear to keep one unused power die or one unused dispel die and the end of the phase and add it to his side's power or dispel pool in the next phase.

Magic Armor

Walach's Bloody Hauberk: Bearer gains a 4+ save that can be combined with other armour and also a 5+ ward.

Accursed Armour: Heavy Armor -3WS, -3I +1T.

Flayed Hauberk: 2+ save that cannot be improved.

Armor of Night: On foot only, Heavy Armor if wearer is on his own he at -2 to be shot at.

Nightshroud: Can be taken by Necromancers. Light Armor, attacker loses charging bonuses, loses ASF, and has their I reduced to 1.

Cadaverous Cuirass: Vampires only, Heavy Armor, killing blow and poison have no effect.

Enchanted Items

The Hand of Dust: Bound Spell with power 3. Inflicts 2d6 S5 hits to one unit in contact with bearer as shooting. Each time it is used roll a D6, on a 1 it breaks.

Rod of Flaming Death: Bound Spell with power 3. Magic missile d6 S4, 18" units suffing a casualty take panic check. With each use roll a D6, on a 1 it breaks.

Helm of Commandment: If wearer is not in combat one friendlt unit with in 12" may use bearer weapon skill.

The Cursed Book: One Use Only. For one round all attacks against bearer are WS 1.

Talisman of the Lycni: Vampire only. Vampire gains move 9.

Magic Banners

Drakenhof Banner: Unit gains regeneration.

Flag of the Blood Keep: 4+ ward save vs any kind of shooting.

Banner of the Barrows: Grave Guard, Black Knights and Wightkings in the unit gain +1 to hit.

Screaming Banner: Roll extra die on fear checks made against unit discard lowest.

Royal Banner of Strigos: Unit hates all enemies

Icon of Vengance: Unit does not crumble when general dies.

Banner of the Dead Legion: Unit counts as having twice as many models as it actually does.

Cursed Pendant: Unit claiming banner after killing your unit take d6 st4 hits. If they hold onto the banner they take d3 str4 hits every turn. No saves. The banner may be dropped (losing victory points) to avoid the second effect.

Banner of Endless Nightmare: The unit may claim up to +4 combat resolution from ranks if they have the models.

Standard of Hellish Vigor: Unit can always march.

Standard of Everlasting Death: Suffer one fewer casualty from crumble on a 4+.

Banner of Hellfire: Unit has magical flaming attacks.

Vampire Powers

The Severed

Spectral Horror: Ethereal, can take no magic items.

Ghoulkin: If joining a unit of ghouls the vampire and the ghoul unit can make a march move before the game starts.

Supernatural Terror: Cause Terror.

The Arcane

Master of the Dark Arts: Two extra power dice every phase.

Forbidden Lore: Know all spells from vampire lore or any other lore except life.

Dark Acolyte: Gain an extra magic level.

The Bestial

Flying Horror: The Vampire can Fly.

Infinite Hatred: Re-roll all missed To hit rolls.

Hunter in the Dark: Gain scout.

The Martial

Red Fury: Each wound dealt generates an extra attack, these extra attacks cannot generate extra attacks. Cannot be combined with a great weapon.

Avatar of Death: Gain Heavy Armor and your choice of greatweapon, handweapon and shield or two handweapons.

Dread Knight: Gain lance, heavy armor, shield and a barded nightmare.

The Courtly

Aura of Dark Majesty: -1 to enemy leadership in 6" (cumulative).

Walking Death: +1 combat to the resolution.

Beguile: Select one model, may re-roll wounds against chosen model unless it passes a Ld test with -3 to the Ld.

The Master (Affects Invocation of Nehek)

Lord of the Dead: Raise skeltons beyond their starting number and add +1 to the casting roll.

Summon Creatures of the Night: Raise Dire wolves, Batswarms And Fell Bats beyond starting size and add +1 to the casting roll.

Summon Ghouls: Raise ghouls beyond starting size, and add +1 to the casting roll.
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