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Warhammer Battle Report Summary : High Elves vs Wood Elves (2000pt Armies) - Part 2

Spurned on my their immediate success the whole Wood Elf Army surged forward through the forests.

There was little else to report from the Wood Elves while they positioned their warriors and archers. Only their Glade Riders on the Wood Elves right flank were of an immediate threat to the High Elven army bolt throwers.

On the opposite flank Teclis summoned the spirit daemons and syphoned the winds of magic into his frail frame. With the slightest hand signal and a barely audible utterance he protected himself and all those around him from more bowfire (he had mastered the Lore of Life for this encounter)

The two other High Elven mages (yes there were 3 in this army !) cowered the glade guard's elven steeds and cursed them with arrow attraction (the unit did not last long now the repeater bolt thrower's attention was turned towards them).

In the centre of the battlefield the high and noble Dragon Princes charged bravely into the three Treekin. It would be a fight that would go down in legend for the heroism of the Drakemaster left to fight alone for 4 combat phases. He was eventually battered to death by 3 Treekin and a Highborn. Hi name lives on in the hallowed halls of the Ulthuan Dragon Princes with great honour he was given the title Bruce 'die very hard' the Black (thanks to his undercoating !)

While the battle raged in the centre ground the Wood Elves maneuvered to corner and destroy Teclis. He was in sight of a free unit of Dryads and a Treeman (but outiside of Strangle Root range).

The Noble Eagle rider flew to cut off the advancing dryads while a small unit of White Lions adopted bodyguard duties and charged the Treeman grimmacing in a tree like way at Teclis.

to be continued...

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