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Warhammer Fantasy Grand Tournament Final Winners Jan 2008 - Stats and Analysis

Here's my summary:-

It seems that there has been something of a change in fortunes for some of the armies this year. Tomb Kings have risen significantly up the charts while Skaven have slid quite a way down it, and High Elves have increased in popularity quite a lot.

High Elves won the tournament but this seems to be down to a particularly skillful player rather than overall High Elf dominance (although 2nd place was also shared by a High Elf). Their Speed of Asuryan (always strike first rule) may not be having the impact so many people predicted.

Ogre Kingdom's finishing joint 2nd shows that it's not the army but the way you use it that counts !

Bretonnians, Lizardmen and Wood Elves all continue to do well, I'm not sure what happened to Skaven though ?

Anyway, I will revist this once I've had a chance to digest and compare with previous years. I'll open up the floor for any comments...

The Best Warhammer Armies and Commanders

Tournament Winner : High Elves
(the only army to win all battles and lose or draw none)

Top 5 in Tournament pts
(30 for a win, 10 for a draw, 1 for a loss)

150 High Elves
130 Ogre Kingdoms
130 Dwarfs
130 High Elves
121 Lizardmen

Top 5 in cumulative Victory pts ("gross VP not net VP")

12146 Lizardmen
11305 Tomb Kings
11271 Lizardmen
11211 Tomb Kings
10969 Beasts of Chaos

* note, the cumuluative victory points here shows the amount of murder/routing involved, which does not necessarily result in a battle win and can even increase the chances of a battle draw - if both sides simply hack each other to shreds :) Having said that the more VPs the more fun you probably had :)

The Worst Warhammer Army Commanders

Bottom 5 in Tournament pts
(30 for a win, 10 for a draw, 1 for a loss)

5 Dwarfs
14 Beast of Chaos
14 Empire
14 Ogre Kingdoms
22 Dwarfs

Bottom 5 in Victory Points

3469 Dwarfs
4114 Dwarfs
4323 Ogre Kingdoms
4482 Orcs & Goblins
4489 Ogre Kingdoms

The Most Important Bit, the averages

Tournament Point Averages (best to worst)
(ie how many battles won, drawn and lost)

1 Bretonnians 88
2 Tomb Kings 85
3 Wood Elves 82
4 Lizardmen 77
5 Dwarfs 73
6 Empire 73
7 High Elves 73
Average tournament pts = 72.9
8 Dark Elves 68
9 Ogre Kingdoms 67
10 Hordes of Chaos 65
11 Beasts of Chaos 64
12 Skaven 64
13 Vampire Counts 62
14 Orcs & Goblins 54

Victory Point Averages

1 Tomb Kings 8592
2 Lizardmen 8459
3 Bretonnians 8277
4 Skaven 7746
5 Dark Elves 7534
Average VPs = 7476
6 Vampire Counts 7462
7 High Elves 7447
8 Wood Elves 7429
9 Ogre Kingdoms 7294
10 Beasts of Chaos 7227
11 Orcs & Goblins 7139
12 Hordes of Chaos 7096
13 Dwarfs 6925
14 Empire 6761

Armies with the most impressive victories
(based on bonus victory points +2 for masacre, +1 for solid win)

3.5 Wood Elves
3.5 Orcs & Goblins
3.4 Tomb Kings
3.3 Lizardmen
3.2 Bretonnians
3.0 High Elves
3.0 Empire
3.0 Beasts of Chaos
2.9 Dwarfs
2.8 Ogre Kingdoms
2.6 Skaven
2.6 Vampire Counts
2.0 Dark Elves
1.5 Hordes of Chaos

Sigmar's summary !

All the armies by Tournament and VP ranking combined
this should give a good indication of the best armies if you want to kill AND win :)

3 Tomb Kings
4 Bretonnians
6 Lizardmen
11 Wood Elves
13 Dark Elves
14 High Elves
16 Skaven
18 Ogre Kingdoms
18 Dwarfs
19 Vampire Counts
20 Empire
21 Beasts of Chaos
22 Hordes of Chaos
25 Orcs & Goblins

Appendix : The most popular tournament armies
(include them in your preparations !)

# of Armies fielded (and % of total)

17 Wood Elves 13.28%
15 High Elves 11.72%
15 Dwarfs 11.72%
12 Empire 9.38%
9 Tomb Kings 7.03%
9 Lizardmen 7.03%
9 Ogre Kingdoms 7.03%
9 Beasts of Chaos 7.03%
8 Bretonnians 6.25%
7 Orcs & Goblins 5.47%
7 Hordes of Chaos 5.47%
6 Skaven 4.69%
3 Vampire Counts 2.34%
2 Dark Elves 1.56%

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