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High Elves vs Wood Elves (2000pts battle report intro)

Today, I enjoyed the company of my friend "J" for a 2000 pt rematch - High Elves vs Wood Elves. Below are the army lists we used.

I thought I'd let you digest these and have a think about which one you would have preferred to use. I'll post a summary of the battle soon. Please feel free to comment to say which army you think is better prepared for a vicotry, who you think won and why.

High Elves Army

Tyrion - 400 pts

Eagle Rider - 203 pts
(dragon armour + enchanted shield + revear bow + lance + great weapon + eagle)

Dragon Prince Hero - 163 pts
(helm of fortune + foe blade + dragon armour + lance + shield + barded steed)

3 x Repeater Bolt Throwers - 300 pts

15 Lothern Seaguard - 195 pts
(std + mus)

5 Dragon Princes - 185 pts
(std + banner of Ellyrion)

13 White Lions - 207 pts
(incl. Guardian)

13 White Lions - 207 pts
(incl. Guardian)

White Lion Chariot - 140 pts

TOTAL 2000

Wood Elves Army

Wood Elf Highborn - 225pts
(gt weapon, shield, light armour, Amaranthine Brooch [3+ ward], bow of Loren)

Wood Elf Noble - 125 pts
(elven steed, light armour, shield, gt weapon, Hail of Doom arrow)

Spellsinger - 140 pts
(2 x dispel scroll)

5 Waywatchers - 120 pts

8 Wardancers - 266 pts
(incl. Bladesinger with Amber Pendant*)

8 Dryads - 96 pts

8 Dryads - 96 pts

10 Glade Guard - 120 pts

10 Glade Guard - 120 pts

3 Treekin - 195 pts

5 Glade Riders - 120 pts

5 Wild Riders - 130 pts

Treeman - 285 pts

TOTAL 1998

*this was a mistake. I think the Wood Elf commander was in a bit of a rush putting the army together. The bladesinger was allowed to use the amber pendant anyway - even though it could normally only be carried by a character - the points cost should have been 7 wardancers * 18 pts = 126 pts; 1 noble, with wardancer kindred and amber pendant 75+30+35 = 140 pts. Total points = 266 pts. The Wood Elf army had paid 226 pts for the wardancer troupe + bladesinger with amber pendant, so effectively used a magic item wrongly but paid slightly over the odds for the privilege (226pts rather than 223 ppts).
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