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Legendary Battle Expansion - analysis of rules expansion in White Dwarf WD340 April 2008

Fancy a big battle, sorry I mean a very BIG battle (5000pts + per side minimum). Well here's the low down on GW White Dwarf's new Expansion rules.

for battles with 4 or more people in teams of 2 fielding at least 5000pts per team:-

A very, very brief summary:-
(actually, I thoroughly recommned you get the White Dwarf for total satisfaction)


All armies are common allies, occassional allies or never allied to other specified armies.

For instance, Ogres (being very mercenary) can be allied to all other armies. likewise, Lizardmen can be occassional allies to all other armies (let's face it, they're totally emotionless and only fight for the good of the mysterious master plans of the Slann Old Ones)

Occassional Allies - cannot flee through one another and cannot be taken as allied units in another army (they are an army in their own right)

Common Allies - Are friends and can flee through each other (to big frowns and lots of inter-ally jibes).

No allies can use the allied general's leadership or battle standard and characters cannot join allied units.

Massed Batteries and Monstrous Hordes

Any number can be taken as a single rare or special unit !
(You could for instance use 3 stegadons as a single rare unit choice - I need to see this in action)
individual models must be the same type but can have different weapons, upgrades etc

The "unit" is not actually a unit at all, each monster / battery operates independently from the others but they must be deployed next to one another at the beginning of the battle.

usual points restrictions otherwise apply - which should go some way to restricting units to sensible numbers.


Down to the individuals really - there are so many units though that GW suggest the first to finish unit setup get the first turn.

Also, due to size of game, it's best to decide battle turn/time length now !


Each player controls just one army (*including their own common allies, taken from their own pt values but used as though they were from another army book)

Your team ally has their own army.

*your army can also include it's ally contingent

right, that's enough for now, I'll finish this post off tomorrow, time for TV then bed.
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