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White Dwarf WD340 April 2008 Contents Review

Let me be quite clear, this is the best "fantasy related" edition I have seen for White Dwarf in recent years. Fantasy Battle is, for the second month running (thanks also to Vampire Counts), the primary focus of this edition of White Dwarf.

Here, in brief is the content (just things of interest to Fantasy Battle Fans):-

New Releases

  • 25th Anniversary T-Shirts (one showing the old Harry the Hammer picture)
  • Harry the Hammer new release (only availalbe on 26th & 27th April)
  • 25th Anniversary Rulebook - limited edition (only 2,500 of them)
    (note, this includes a bonded leather hardback current edition rule book - with silver lined pages ! And it includes the very 1st edition of the Warhammer Rules !!!!!! Yes !)
  • Chaos Daemon Spearheads and other new Daemon miniatures (see my Chaos Daemons thread). Or you can probably scroll down the page a bit !
  • 25th Anniversary Figure Case, dice sets (with a chance to win some solid silver dice - albeit a very slim chance - I think about as likely as rolling 6 on 7xD6's all at once! Having said that, someone is going to win them and there's 25 sets)

Black Library

  • The Thousand Thrones - An epic Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign.
  • Vampire Wars - the 3 Vampire novels by Steven Savile (Inheritance, Dominion and Retribution)
  • The Art of Clint Langley fantasy & science fiction art
  • Time of Legends - The Legend of Sigmar, The Rise of Nagash, The Sundering

A Huge Article on Legendary Battles - a Warhammer Expansion (6 pages + 2 pages opening spread picture - awe inspiring)
(Massively Mutliplayer Warhammer Tabletop Games)

Includes rules for setup, team selection, pts total (minimum 5000pts), allies, monstrous hordes, massed batteries, desperation tokens (more on all this later when I've had a chance to digest it all)

A massive and I mean MASSIVE 25,000 pt (!!!) Battle Report (26 pages)
Orcs and Goblins vs Empire and Dwarfs
(notable characters include: Grimgor Ironhide - can't wait to see how he gest on, Skarsnik & Gobbla, The Emperor Karl Franz, Kurt Helborg, Bathasar Gelt, Volkmar the Grim and Ludwig Schwarzhelm)

notes: It is a seige like battle with a Huge Orc & Goblin Battlering Ram and a LOT of miniatures. Multiple monsters, artillery batteries and literally hundreds of Cavalry - and I guess an ice-cream tub full of dice :)

Architects of War - an interview with game developers about the secrets of the last 25 years of game development (5 pages)

Words of Wisdom - interview with Alan Merrett, a very experienced GW staff member. Almost like a continuity expert (1 page)

Images of Warhammer - interview with John Blanche (2 pages)

The Ziggurat of Doom - an updated version of a classic Warhammer Scenario by Gav Thorpe (2 pages)

25 Most Influential Warhammer Characters - GW poll (6 pages)
-Thanquol was disqualified - ue to too many teeth marked ratty votes lol :)

Standard Bearer - an article on the coming Daemon Army lists (3 pages)

Army building and batch painting article (8 pages)
Something I need in a bad way - having a High Elf and VC army to put together in short time !

Harry the Hammer Special Character Profile for Hordes of Chaos (2 pages)
Some notes: Unbreakable, Killing Blow and Hate Undead - passed onto units he joins.
Magic hammer D6 wounds, no armour saves ! re-rollable to wound against Undead, Daemon or Forest spirits.

And an extraordinary power - even the dead are scared of Harry - he causes Terror in them ! Lol.

A suggested scenario including Harry + 1000pts vs 1750 pts Undead (1 page)

A Harry the Hammer in house painting contest with 7 entrants and great photos (5 pages)

Events diary, calendar, Collectors range and Bitz Packs (mail order) and the usual adverts

Phew - my back is killing me, too much excitement and I need a new chair !

To summarise, one of the best ever White Dwarf mags for Fantasy Battle Fans.

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