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Wood Elves vs High Elves 2000pts - the Dragon Armour Salvage mission

I'm preparing my forces for 3rd meeting in the war of the kindreds.

My last outing into the glades of Athel Loren met with disaster* and my noble Ulthuan warriors are returning to retrieve their priceless Dragon Armour and their fallen (especially Brucius Willis the now legendary 'die hard' honoured in the Halls of Ulthuan)**

* according to the rules it was a draw (mainly thanks to Teclis escaping alive) but it felt like a big loss.

** Brucius stood alone, a bright star, smothered by towering wooded monstrosities (a dragon prince champion with the helm of fortune who single handedly held up a unit of treekin and wood eld noble for 3 combat rounds !)

Now it is time to consider my options.

My forces deployed an elite strong fighting army in the first battle. They were extremely strong in combat and dispatched dryads and wardancers with ease. The army had no reply to the wood elf ambush tactics and, not being able to chase them down, they were eventually massacred by expert targeteers and the lumbering limbs of a treeman. Only Caradryan lived to tell the tale. He shamefully surrendered at the first opportunity once he realised all was lost.

The second battle was a much closer encounter although the Wood Elf commander bested me from the outset. The second battle saw the arrival of Teclis and a strong .agical force that dominated the winds of magic. The Ulthuan force was better equipped to counter the enemy's ambush tactics but had no answer for the unexpected treekin (awoken from their grow bag slumber) and the ever present Treeman.

So, my commanders have been in debate ever since. How exactly could we score a crippling blow against the Wood Elves ?

Was it time ascend to the mountain caves and awake the Drake ?


So, any ideas anyone ?

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