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Warhammer Battle Reports 7th / 8thNauticans / Design Fantasy Gallery

New Dark Elf Army Rumours

New Dark Elves Army Rules
  • Hatred as general wide-army rule
  • Eternal Hatred VS High Elves
  • maybe +1A on charge for Elite troops (difficult to see this rule on Troop choices)'s possible that this bonus will be provided by the new Cauldron of Blood
  • Standard Army Composition Chart (at 2000 points: 3+ Troops 0-4 Special & 0-2 Rare)

Dark Elf Lord Choice

  • Dark Elf Highborn
    - same profile, may be +5 points
    - can mount: Black Dragon, Manticore, Dark Pegasus, Cold One, Dark Steed or a CO Chariot
    - ColdOnes gains +1A on the profile;
    - Dark Pegasus and Manticore have the same profile, but the Manticore will probably be cheaper
    - Black Dragon is the same as today, but his Breath will change: less St but with no Armour Save, and it will causes Panic Test if it wounds.

  • High Sorceress
    - same profile, she will be a few points cheaper;
    - upgrade to 4th level of magic will costs 35 points;
    - she (obiouvsly) may not be included in Witch Elves troops;
    - she knows: Dark Magic, Lore of Death and Lore of Shadows;
    - can mount: Manticore, Dark Pegasus, ColdOne, Dark Steed;
    - Sorceress loses the +1 bouns in casting spells, but they will be able to cast spells with as many dices as they want, regardless of magic level;
    - they gain a new ability: at the cost of 1 wound, they'll gain 1 "special" Power Dice, tha will grants Total Power on a result of 6, and a Mistcast on a result of 1. (ie: Sorc. cast a spell with 2 "normal" dices and 1 "special" dice: with the normal ones she obtains 3 and 4, and with the "special" one she obtains a 6: Total Power!!! )

Heroes Choice

  • Dark Elf Noble
    - same as today;
    - BSB may take shield, great weapon, etc., like the HE one.

  • Sorceress
    - see "High Sorceress" entry;
    - probably they'll cost 5 points more than today (but the upgrade to 2nd level will be +35 points).

  • Assassin
    - same profile and cost as today;
    - may hide himself in enemy units;
    - may be placed as a Scout;
    - may, as today, hide himself in friendly units;
    - Poisoned Attacks as an upgrade option (without spending the "magic items" points);
    - ASF in the turn in wich he's revealed.

  • Beastlord
    - no more a "Hero" choice, he'll be an upgrade option for monsters units.

  • Hag Queen
    - Wich Elf Heroine quite effective in HtH ^^;
    - ASF, Furious and never loses it;
    - 2 hand weapons and Poisoned Attacks;
    - Ward Save of 5+ ("Blessing of Khaine" rule);
    - can mount: Manticore (taking 1 more Hero choice) or the Cauldron of Blood (0-1, probably take a Hero or Rare choice).
    Quote Cauldron of Blood
    - it costs around 175/200 points;
    - it seems that a new model will be produced;
    - it can move as a warmachine;
    - Large Target and causes Terror;
    - all friendly units within 24" may re-roll failed To Wound rolls;
    - it's Indistructible, tough if the Hag and the 2 Witches are killed, it's removed as a casuality;
    - may confers +1A on charge (probably it is THIS the real rule about the +1A) to some units: Witch Elves, Executioners, Assassins, maybe Black Guard;
    - the Hag Queen and the 2 Witches are Unbreakable and have a 5+ Guard Save;
    - Witch Elves units within 12" gains +1 on their Ward Save;
    - MAY join a Witch Elves unit, wich will become Unbreakable.

Dark Magic

  • a new "0" spell, autatically known by Sorceress that, on casting value of 4+ will generate d3+1 Power Dice, tough if not used, each of these dices will causes a St 5 hit on the Sorceress;
    - Chillwind as today, exept for +1 St;
    - Doombolt: 24" d6 St 5 hits, may gain 2 casting values, the 2nd inflicting 2d6 hits;
    - Word of Pain as today, casting value reduced;
    - Soul Thief works like a Hochland now, targeting any model within 24" and in LOS, causing a Wound without AS, that is transferred to the Sorceress;
    - new spell that puts a friendly unit into Fury, if already Furious, it confers +1A to each model, but every turn the units suffers d3 casualities, remains in play;
    - Black Horror similar to the "Pit of Shades", gains 24" of range.
    Here you are, first edit


  • Warriors:
    - they have lance, light armour and shiled for basic;
    - they ARE cheap (around 7 point per model);
    - may have a Magical Standard (max. 25 points).
    - for a cost of around 50 points, a "lesser" Assassin may join the unit;
    - he has 2/3 Poisoned Attacks and only 1 Wound;
    - ASF and can't leave the unit in wich he's hiding.

  • Multi-Crossbowmen:
    - they have crossbow and light armour for 10 points/model;
    - may take shields for +1p.nt/model;
    - looks like the Champion has BS of 5;
    - they CAN'T take magical Standard;
    - seems they can take the "lesser" Assassin;
    - the new Repeating Crossbows are: range 24", St 3, Piercing AND multiple shot x2.

  • Corsairs:
    - same as today for statistics and costs;
    - may take a Magical Standard (max 25 points);
    - new Special Rules UNCERTAIN: one is that they gains +50 VP for every unit killed in HtH and another one may be that A SINGLE unit may enter the battlefield like Dwarfs Miners did.

  • Dark Riders:
    - same profile as today;
    - they will be cheaper (around 13/14 points.....19 with Crossbows);
    - seems they could make a March Movement before the start of the game.

Special Unit Choice

  • Shades
    - same as today.

  • Harpies
    - same profiles as today;
    - cheaper (10/11 points/model).

  • Cold One Chariots
    - profile same as today, exept for the +1A of the ColdOnes;
    - no more 1-2 for single Special slot.

  • Witch Elves
    - minimum unit: 5+;
    - same as today for profile and costs;
    - 6+ Ward Save;
    - 2 hand weapons, Poisoned Attacks, Fury (and never lose it), ASF;
    - may take a Macical Standard (max 50 points);
    - the Champion may take Poisons (one of these will halves enemy's I ).

  • Executioners
    - minimum units: 5+;
    - 11 points/model;
    - lose KB, but every successful To Hit dice, will aout-Wounds;
    - Draichs works like Halleberds, and confers the Piercing Ability;
    - may take a Magical Standard (max 50 points).

  • Black Guard
    - minimum units: 5+;
    - 2A/model; Stubborn and Eternal Hatred;
    - Halleberds and Heavy armours;
    - may take a magical standard (max 50 points);
    - the Champion may take 25 points of Magic Objects.

  • ColdOnes Knights
    - will costs a few more points;
    - ColdOnes with +1A;
    - the Champion may take 25 points of Magic Objects;
    - may take a magical standard of max 50 points (there is one that nullifies Stupidity).

Rare Unit Choice

  • Reaper Bolt Thrower
    - costs as today;
    - 1-2 for single Rare Choice as today;
    - 2 ways of shooting:
    - a) if stationary: 48", single dard, St 6, no AS OR 48", 6 shoots, St 4, Piercing;
    - b) if moved: 24", multiple shot x2 (it means exactly 12 shoots), St 3. (WITHOUT Piercing, and still suffers the movement and multiple shot penalities).

  • War Hydra
    - Large Target, causes Terror;
    - Scaly Skin (3+ or 4+), Regeneration (special one!)
    - with a 6 on Regeneration roll, a new head "grows", adding +1St to the hydra's Breath (starts with St 4) with a maximum of St 10.
    - 2 Beastmasters as today;
    - option for the Beastlord, that will grants favorable results on the Monster Reactions Chart and MAYBE could take 25 points of Magic Objects.

- it will something really fast, maybe even Flying;
- it will causes Terror quite for certain;
- it will have the Beastlord option, like the War Hydra.

the cases are 3:
a) something absolutely unespected;
b) the Manticore, now a Rare entry;
c) there is nothing at all as "new Rare choice"

...the more papable is the second case...the model already exists and the "traslation" from Hero to Rare is quite simple...

Special Characters

Malekith, Witch King of Naggaroth
- He'll be in the army list;
- still mounted on the Black Dragon Seraphon;
- He seems to has a 1+ AS and a Ward Save aginst Magic and similar;
- He has some magic weapons (I think they'll be the same as today, but the rules may change(;
- He seems still able to cast Spells;
- if present, the DE player would be able to re-deploy d3 units after the deployement phase.

- 4th level High Sorceress (with all their special rules);
- can mount Sulephet, her Dark Pegasus;
- various rules/objects: one of them will grants her the possibility to Regenerate the wound auto-inflicted to gain the "special Power Dice";
- the enemies in BtB halves their WS and I;
- she seems to have a magic weapon similar to the Teclis' one.

Malus Darkblade
- same as today.

- basically same as today;
- He seems to be a HERO choice.

Crone Hellebrone
- Hag Queen SC, more skillful in HtH than a "normal" Hag Queen;
- can mount the Cauldron of Blood (no information in the eventuality of mounting a Manticore).

- if deployed, the Black Guard seems to count as Core Troop choice;
- Killing Blow and a good Armour Save;
- low cost in points.

Magic Objects

Magic Weapons
- a weapon that heals the owner's wounds, in base of how many he inflicts on enemies;
- a weapon "LETHAL" on Challenges;
- the Lifetaker will work as a Hochland, with multiple shot x2;
- a "Hag only" weapon that multiplies their Attacks;
- a weapons that multiplies inflifted Wounds;
- probably the Gauntlet of Power will be removed;
- some others, wich are unknown.

Magic Armours
- a "special" SeaDragon Cloak that confers a better Armour Save and a 5+ Ward Save;
- a Shield that subtracts enemies' attacks;
- an armour that provides an Immutable AS (seems of 2+), at a low cost;
- some others, wich are unknown.

- the Crown of Black Iron will be the same as today;
- a talisman (Heart of the Hydra ???) that provides Regeneration;
- the Cloak of Dark Souls will be a talisman, same as today for the effects;
- probably the Heart-ston of Darkness will be removed;
- some (few) others, wich are unknown.

Arcane Items
- various Infused spell objects;
- the Seal of Ghrond will be an Arcane Item, same as today for the effects;
- a Staff that provides a +1 bonus in Casting Spells at a low cost in points;
- the Soulstone remains the same as today;
- some others, wich are unknown.

Enchanted Items
- totally unknown.

Magic Banners
- Hydra Banner that DOUBLES the Attacks of the bearer's unit;
- a banner that provides a 5+ Ward Save against Magic and Shoots;
- a low cost banner that improves the unit's AS for 1 turn;
- a banner that gives the Immunity to Psicology rule to the unit (nullifying the Stupidity);
- a banner that provides the same effects of the "fury" spell;
- some (voices say "a lot more") others, wich are unknown.

New Models
- plastic kit for the Highborn/Noble (1 mounted on ColdOne & 1 on foot);
- plastic kit for the Sorceress (1 mounted & 1 on foot);
- Crone Hellebrone;
- Kouran;
- Morathi;
- plastic Corsairs;
- Cauldron of Blood/Altar of Khaine (not known if in metal or plastic).
- ColdOne Knights
- Hydra

Models that seems not to be redone:
- Warriors;
- Dark Raiders;
- Executioners;
- Witch Elves;
- Shades;
- ColdOne Chariot;
- Harpies;
- Black Guard;
- Reaper Bolt Thrower;
- Manticore;
- Black Dragon

What seems to be in the Battalion Box:
- 2x Warriors box
- 1x new plastic Corsairs box
- maybe 1x new plastic ColdOne Knights.

These were all taken from Warseer so absolutely all credit goes to the guys there who put this altogether.

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