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Dwarfs vs High Elves Battle Report (2500pts pitched battle) - Part I

It had been some moons now since the dark day the High Elves named the Squatter Eviction or it's Dwarf name the Battle for Trade Rights. The Dwarfs had unknowingly encrouched too far into High Elven lands on their trading expeditions, at least that's how the Dwarfs' version of the story was told. The Elves suspected much more. They had long since spotted small bands of prospectors and miners and they believed that the Dwarfs were searching out new sources of precious metals - Elven precious metals !

The Dwarfs argued that they had paid their trade route taxes and were doing nothing other than going about their rightful business. The Elves disputed that the Dwarfs had even paid the customary token tax and argued that they had ventured far beyond reasonable boundaries. The High Elf Council immediately forbade further Dwarven expeditions. Battle was all but inevitable...

Finuvir gazed across the plain from the lofty crag atop his faithful eagle Gwindar. This was his first chance to reflect on the battle two weeks before. The past days had seen all Uthuan in mourning, as was their custom to honour their dead.

Finuvir recalled the deads of valour of the Elves, the fallen nobles, his comrades and the determination and tenacity of their foe...

Finuvir cast his mind back to the morning of the clash with the Dwarfs...

The High Elves had been tracking this new Dwarf expeditionary force for two weeks. The notice that had been served to the Dwarfs to leave Ulthuan territory was ignored. The Elven High Council and King ordered an immediate and direct action to repel the Dwarfs and set in their minds a new understanding of their rights and responsibilities in their shakey alliance.

That morning Finuvir was making the final preparations to lead his Ulthuan force into combat when a last minute unexpected report came in from his forward most scouting observation post.

"Sire, Alith Anar himself has returned from across the water to command the battle against the interlopers. He has just crossed the Filaviel bridge and will be here within the hour."

Alith Anar and five full companies of his finest Shadow Warriors had been gone for four fall seasons and nobody until now had heard any word from him. The mages had sensed perculiar magic energies emanating from the mainland and Lord Anar himself had immediately gone to inspect the Watchstones that protected the region and held the magical gates to Chaos tightly shut. Everyone in Ulthuan feared a chaos incursion was imminent.

Now Alith Anar returned with but seven Shadow Warriors at his side. No one yet knew what had befallen his force but his return would be greeted with jubilation and renewed hope.

Finuvir was relieved. He was confident in his army and his leadership but he was but an accomplished leader, Alith Anar was a Legend and Finuvir's troops would fight all the harder knowing that Lord Anar had never lost a battle.

to be continued...

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