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Warhammer Battle Reports 7th / 8thNauticans / Design Fantasy Gallery

Dwarfs vs High Elves Battle Report (2500pts pitched battle) - Part II

The Dwarfs trudged resolutely onwards, spirits were high despite the distance they still had to cover. This would turn out to be quite a lucrative outing for them all, given the goods they were returning with.

The Dwarf Lord was especially pleased. Not only had he discovered a new untapped source of revenue for his Dwarven hold, he would now have no problem at all recruiting for his next expedition.

The weather had been diabolical over the past few days, almost like some portent of doom but today the sun was out, their tunics drying and all the troops were in good voice as they bellowed out their marching songs.

Gurnisson "Beltch Hammer" the engineer marched side by side with Gimgum "Soft Thumb" his apprentice...

Gimgum studied his master through the corner of his eye, Gurnisson just didn't seem his normal self this morning.

"Whatcha looking at 'Soft Thumb' ?" growled Gurnisson.

"Oh, errr.... Sorry Master I didn't mean to bother you" grimaced Gimgum. "You just don't seem your usual self master"

Indeed Gurnisson was not his normal self today. It might be difficult to tell with many Dwarfs who's usual state of mind could only be described as grumpy. Gimgum couldn't help thinking that Gurnisson was not a happy grumpy today more like a grumpy, grumpy.

Gurnisson interrupted Gimgums thoughts...

damn it I knew it see the gyrocopter over yonder about 1 click distant its seen something we don't want to see. I thought I spotted some movement in the trees an hour ago. Them high elves just aren't as good at hiding themselves as their woody cousins.

This would be the second time in as many months that gurnisson had seen a whole host of high elves kitted out in their battle garb and this time there were more of them. It was aswell that the dwarfs had come well prepared for such an eventuality.

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