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Vampire Lord Rules and Tactics (Vampire Counts Army Characters)

Vampire Lords are extremely customisable, flexible (in terms of tactical options) and scary for the enemy because they are both good fighters and good magic users.

There are more options to customise your Vampire Lord than perhaps any other Lord level character in the Warhammer Fantasy World (with the possible exception of a Dwarf Runelord that can spend up to 150pts on a very wide variety of runic item combinations).

The breadth of options is impressive and it's great fun designing Vampire characters. So much so that I have even taken to personalising my Vampires with names !

A Vampire Lord can cost anything from 205pts (for a basic lvl 2 wizard with no extras) to 730pts (which might be a lvl 4 wizard Vampire Lord astride
a rather fearsome Zombie Dragon !)

In brief here's a summary of your options:-

1) Upgrade your wizard lvl 2 vampire to lvl 3 (+50 pts, which does not come out of your Vampiric Powers or magic items points pool)

2) Mount your Vampire on a nightmare, hellsteed (a flying nightmare), abysall terror (a reasonbly hard flying vampiric monster, details to follow) or a Zombie Dragon (275pts worth of undead terror)

3) Give your Vampire up to 100pts of any combination of 18 Vampiric Powers (you could feasibly give a Vampire 5 powers)

4) Equip your Vampire with any one or more magic items from a choice of 29 Vampire items (including 8 magic items, 6 armour,5 enchanted, 4 talismans, 6 arcane items) plus the standard common items available to all armies.

That's what I call customisable !

The range of options available mean you can make turn your Vampire Lord into a maelstrom of close combat death and destruction or make him a true great amongst the spellcasters of the Warhammer world - enabling him to cast 8* invocation spells per turn, with a success on a roll of 3+** and the ability to raise units above their original strength ! ***

* if you include the Army's power dice.

** with the appropriate Vampire power (Lord of the Dead / Summon Ghouls / or Summon Creatures of the Night) or the Skull Staff arcane item.

*** if the enemy was unable to dispel then this could on average result in 19 new skeletons or ghouls per turn (approx. 24 if a Corpse Cart is close by). Or about 6 fell bat wounds, bat swarm wounds or direwolves.

The Vampire Lords are so customisable it's a bit difficult to advise on tactics because they can be adapted to any tactics you have planned for your army.

All I would say is that if you're expecting to face a High Elf, Lizardman or Dwarf army then it's best to invest very heavily in magic or not at all. A single good Vampire spellcaster can all too easily be negated by the above magically powerful Warhammer armies (magically resistant in the case of Dwarfs).

Errata: thanks again to blog reader AD2000 who pointed out something I had overlooked. This has now been corrected.

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