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New Dark Elves Spearhead Boxed Set Army Pictures, Advance Orders, Release Dates and US Dollar Prices

New Dark Elves Army Pictures (photos of White Dwarf contents) from Naggaroth over Ulthuan blog:-

The New Dark Elves Spearhead will be available for advance order from Games Workshop UK on Saturday 7th June. If it's like their other advance orders you should receive the set on the day it is released (scheduled for 17th July).

Note the Dark Elves army book and most of the miniatures are set for general release on 2nd August.

Dark Elves Spearhead Boxed Set Games Workshop Advance orders (£112 GBP)

Games Workshop's Spearhead set description."Spearhead box sets are the only way to get our forthcoming releases ahead of anybody else, containing a selection of new models and the new army book, two weeks ahead of the main release. This a chance to own a Dark Elf force before anyone else. This Spearhead box set contains a selection of fantastic models from the forthcoming range of Dark Elves. Included in the box are the new plastic Cold One Knights, the metal Supreme Sorceress on foot and mounted, a fearsome War Hydra, and many more miniatures besides, as well as the latest edition of Warhammer Armies: Dark Elves."

Rumoured Spearhead Set contents
Sorceress on foot and on cold one.
Dreadlord on foot and on cold one.
Hydra and two apprentices.
5 Cold One Knights
10 Corsairs

New Dark Elves Miniatures Prices (US Dollars)
Dark Elf Army Book $22.00
Dark Elf Spearhead $192.00 NYA
Dark Elf Warriors $35.00
Witch King On Black Dragon $50.00
Cold One Knights $50.00 LTD
Black Ark Corsairs $22.00 NYA
Cauldron Of Blood $40.00
Manticore $45.00
War Hydra $45.00 LTD
Cold One Knights $22.00 NYA
Cold One Chariot $30.00
Black Guard $45.00 LTD
Dark Elf Battalion $90.00 NYA
Witch Elves $40.00 LTD
War Hydra $40.00 NYA
Witch Elves $20.00 NYA
Dark Elves Corsairs $40.00 LTD
Witch Elves Command $22.00 NYA
Executioners $20.00 NYA
Executioner Command $22.00 NYA
Black Guard $20.00 NYA
Black Guard Command $22.00 NYA
Shades $20.00 NYA
Assassin $10.00 NYA
Corsairs Command $15.00 LTD
Lokhir Fellheart $6.00 NYA
Repeater Bolt Thrower $22.00
Witch Elves Command $15.00 LTD
Mallus Darkblade $17.00
Assassin $10.00 LTD
Dreadlord $6.00 NYA
Dreadlord On Cold One $10.00 NYA
Black Guard Command $15.00 LTD
Supreme Sorceress On Cold One $10.00 NYA
Executioners $12.00 LTD
Supreme Sorceress $6.00 NYA
Executioners Command $15.00
Dark Riders $10.00
Dark Riders Command $10.00
Shades $12.00
Harpies $12.00
Morathi On Dark Pegasus $25.00 NYA
Shadowblade Assassin $6.00 NYA
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