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Poll Results - Warhammer 40k gamers, Rule Changes, Terrain Making, Collecting Warhammer Army Models, How often do you play (from polls on this blog)

The latest Warhammer Fantasy Battle poll results from this blog:-
% of total / (number of votes)

do you ever play Warhammer 40k (the one with lasers) ?
56% no never, I would rather devour my own head ! (56)
16% sometimes (16)
14% about as much as Warhammer Fantasy Battle (14)
11% more than Warhammer Battle (11)
3% all the time, WHFB is light years behind in entertainment value ! (3)

if Games Workshop were to change some of the rules which would you like them to change most ? (select 2)
29% close combat (24)
24% weapons (20)
23% movement (19)
16% special rules (eg poison) (13)
14% psychology (12)
14% flyers (12)
14% characters (12)
12% buildings (10)
8% shooting (7)
7% command groups (6)
6% monsters (5)
6% war machines (5)
4% chariots (4)
4% skirmishers (4)
4% generals & battle stds (4)
1% fast cavalry (1)

do you make your own tabletop battlefield terrain ?
44% no way, I'm too busy gaming (29)
38% I've managed to make a few bits and pieces (25)
12% I made most of my terrain (8)
4% I make all of my own terrain - I would rather feed my pet rabbit to a Daemon of Khorne than pay hard cash for battlefield scenery ! (3)

which 2 Warhammer Fantasy Battle armies would you most like to collect next ? (select 2)
30% Dark Elves (33) *
20% Vampire Counts (22) *
19% Hordes of Chaos (21) *
18% Beasts of Chaos (20)
16% Ogre Kingdoms (18)
13% Skaven (15)
11% Wood Elves (13)
10% Tomb Kings (11)
10% Orcs and Goblins (11)
8% High Elves (9)
7% Lizardmen (8)
7% Dwarfs (8)
6% The Empire (7)
5% Dogs of War (6)
5% Bretonnia (6)
* undoubtably because these are the newest army books to hit the shelves. It's interesting to see Beasts of Chaos and Ogre Kingdoms coming in near the top though. I wonder if this is the more experienced players looking for a bigger challenge ?

how often to you play a game of Warhammer Battle ?
31% every month (23)
18% every 3 months (14)
16% every 6 months (12)
14% once a year (11)
13% every week (10)
5% every 2 weeks (4)
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