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best Warhammer Forums per Fantasy Battle Army / Race

You can really benefit from being a forum member and using it to ask questions from fellow players. Not only is it great for building your portfolio of knowledge based on yours and other forum member's battling experiences but it's also great fun to be part of a friendly community.

Here's my guide to the better forums out there:-
(click the links to open in a new window)

The biggest and most active Warhammer forum
this must be the most popular Warhammer forum. you'll get all the answers you need here. it's not as personal as some of the other smaller forums though.

Other big Warhammer forums
a great mixed bag, good for news, covers all the wargaming world
an excellent, busy forum of well-informed Warhammer gamers
a more mature forum, less busy but possibly better informed
mainly 40k but covers general modelling & Fantasy too, very active posters

Smaller race specific forums

Bretonnia Forum
a superb forum for Brets - quite a lot of moderation so be careful

Beasts of Chaos Forum
I don't know much about this one, looks quite active - let me know

Chaos Dwarfs Forum
Excellent Chaos Dwarfs forum and supporting site

Dark Elves Forum
(thanks to for finding this one)

Dwarfs Forum
full of character, active and knowledgable. good admin too.

High Elves Forum
a somewhat quieter looking forum, plenty of posts and members though

Hordes of Chaos Forum
the Daemonic Legion - there seems to be some well connected posters here

Lizardmen Forum
Nicely themed and active looking forum - I've just joined myself :)

Ogre Kingdoms Forum
another nicely themed and active forum

Orcs and Goblins Forum
very active forum linked to lots of other O&G resources

Skaven Forum
can you work out how to get into the underempire ? excellent forum

The Empire Forum
one of the most active and very friendly indeed - one of my favourites

Tomb Kings Forum
fairly small forum but the tactic threads are fairly active

Vampire Counts Forum
very themed and suitably dark ! reasonably sized and very active

Wood Elves Forum
the shortest link of all :) full of very experienced Wood Elf commanders.

Last but not least...

This site's forum to discuss this site and anything Warhammer related. It's the friendliest Warhammer forum there is !

Battle Reporter Forum
We're new and quite small but welcome all new joiners with open arms :)

Phew, that took a while to type in ! I hope you find it useful. Let me know if there are any Warhammer Battle related forums you think I should add to the list.

Errata: some localised boards:-

US Warhammer Forums

US Mid-West Forums
small forum but actively updated.
small-medium sized forum and active.

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