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White Dwarf WD346 October 2008 Contents Review

White Dwarf Review (WD346)

A good mag if you're into lasers and tanks but not so great if you're into swords and crossbows.

First and foremost I must warn you that October's mag does NOT contain all the nice piccies, fluff and adverts for Warriors of Chaos. Apparently, that's coming next month (november).

For anyone upset by this news (like I was), I have included a nice big chaos piccie below (click to enlarge - a lot !)

Fantasy Battle Fans

I'm afraid the only highlight this month is the 6 page articles on raiding. It's part II of the raiding feature that began last month and this one includes rules for pillaging. There are 4 suggested scenarios (and a rules page for each); The Dawn Raid, Coastal Raid, Spoils of War and Revenge.

It makes for a nice, if short, read.

There a re 3 new books from Black Library, one is Gotrek & Felix : Elf Slayer (I'm always up for a bit of Elf slaying since I turned my allegiances to Count Vlad)

For Warhammer 40k Fans - you have a treat in store

this might be the mag you've been waiting for inbetween all those pesky annoying Fantasy Battle Army book updates. I don't play 40k so this is a best effort at the contents, here goes:-

40k stuff in WD346

  • A 40K Space Marine new 144 page codex advert - release October 4th.
  • 6 pages of space marine miniatures (including drop-pod £18, land raider crusader / redeemer £35; Sternguard Veterans £20; Pedro Kantor £8; Captain Sicarius £8; Vanguard Veterans £20; Chronus £12; Telion £8; Thunderfore Cannon £30; Space Marine Scout Bike £7; Land Speeder £18;
  • 2 pages of 40k forgeworld miniatures; an excellent looking Nurgle Dreadnought and Eldar Cobra Type II
  • 2 40k books: Titanicus and Only in Death (both by Dan Abnett)
  • 10 pages of Design Notes around Space Marines entitled "And They Shall Know No Fear"
  • 4 pages design notes on drop-pod and land raider variant kit (which has pictures of all the bitz)
  • 1 page of notes on legendary Chapters; Imperial Fists; White Scars; Salamanders; Crimson Fists; Raven Guard
  • 3 pages of Design Notes on Evolution of the Space Marine
  • 9 pages on 40k "A tale of 4 gamers", tracking games players and how many figures they paint / games they play - like a small personal blog competition.
  • 26 pages covering 3 battle reports !!! Ultramarines vs Eldar, White Scars vs Chaos Space Marines, Salamanders vs Tyranids (excellent presentation of constituent armies prior to each battle - photograhed and placed on a white background in list format)
  • 3 pages on a newly ressurected John Blanche's hobby column (all 40k)
    A load more Space Marine minis at the back of the mag (these look like the ones already in production, like Dreadnought, Terminator Assault squad, Vindicator etc.

Lord of the Rings bits

  • 6 pages on Magic of Middle Earth - Augment, Blast, Confound.
  • 6 pages Eavy Metal Masterclass on Elrond


  • 6 pages on general painting tips (including dry-brushing, over-brushing and combining)
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