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White Dwarf DW347 November 2008 Contents Review

WD347 Summary

A great White Dwarf for Fantasy Battle gamers, especially those looking forward to the Warriors of Chaos.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

A) 6 pages of adverts for new Chaos Models and the new Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard.

models on sale 1st November:-

Chaos Warriors Army Book (£15, e22.50, 175dkr, 210nkr, 200sek)
5 Chaos Knights (£12, e17.5, 135dkr, 165nkr, 160sek)
10 Chaos Warhounds (£12, e17.50, 135dkr, 165nkr, 160sek)
5 metal Chaos Chosen Command (£18, e25, 200dkr, 260nkr, 250sek)
Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount (£18, e25, 200dkr, 260nkr, 250sek)
Khorne Chaos Champion (£8, e12.50, 100dkr, 120nkr, 115sek)
Nurgle Chaos Sorcerer (£8, e12.50, 100dkr, 120nkr, 115sek)

models on sale 15th November:-

5 Chaos Warriors Chosen (£18, e25, 200dkr, 260nkr, 250sek)
5 Chaos Marauder Horsemen (£12, e17.50, 135dkr, 165nkr, 160sek)
Wulfrik the Wanderer (£8, e12.50, 100dkr, 120nkr, 115sek)
Sigvald the Magnificent (£8, e12.50, 100dkr, 120nkr, 115sek)
Khorne Chas Lord on Juggernaut (£18, e25, 200dkr, 260nkr, 250sek)

Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard (£100, e160, 1250dkr, 1600nkr, 1500sek)
* I think this is cheaper than originally advertised

B) 3 new BLack Library books (2 fantasy, 1 40k)

C) 1 page advert showing Forgeworld Nurgle Ogryns

D) 16 pages of design notes on Warriors of Chaos (great piccies + 2 sample 2000pt army lists)

E) 8 pages on the new Citadel Relam of Battle board (showing alternative layouts, some optional special rules and how to paint and flock a new board)

F) The Altar of Khorne - 20 page battle report, Warriors of Chaos vs Dwarfs 3000 pts

G) 3 pages Standard Bearer column by Jervis Johnson "making painting a habit"

Warhammer 40k

A) 2 page Assault on Black Reach advert

B) 9 pages, a tale of 4 gamers - covering painting and gaming progress

C) 10 pages - tips on assembling and painting space marines

d) 6 page Eavy Metal master class - Captain Sicarius


A) 6 pages - The Magic of Middle Earth - Part Two
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