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latest Lizardmen 2009 Army book rumours (esp Slann powers)

There are no spawnings at all.

There are more Special Character powers*
*eg. Kroq-Gar allows a Cold One Raiders to be chosen as a Core unit.

Slann Powers.

Basic Slann = lvl4 wizard, any Warhammer Lore, + an additional "power" (up to 5 "powers" can be chosen) 275 pts

Powers available:-

1 - a extra power dice to each casting attempt the Slann makes.
2 - re-roll all miscast results.
3 - "regeneration" special rule
4 - know all 6 spells from one Warhammer lore
5 - causes "Terror"
6 - immunity to magical attacks (possibly)

Mazdamundi costs 620 and Kroak 600.

Mazdamundi can casts spell with unlimited number of di. He has the "ruination of cities" spell.

General Army book observations

  • Eternity wardern influences the TG units he joins somehow.
  • The albino Saurus has some kind of "resilient" special rule.
  • Salamanders fire using breath templates but the template is placed by artillery roll of inches from their snouts.
  • Razordons have the same statline as Salamanders(which is good) but i didn't get to read their special rules.
  • Ancient Stegadon has 6 str. but lowerd I and A by one point.
  • Carnosaur is now str. 7
  • Terradons can now drop rocks similarly to the 5 ed.
    They also have a new special rule representing the fact that they not only soar the clear sky like other flyers but also hunt under the Lustrian canopy. Becouse of that the have they can move through forest terrain with no penalty.
  • Cold-Blooded rule stays as it is now.


    Slann - T4, W5, 4+ WardSave, US3; can miscast as normal; cannot mix lores anymore; lost +1 to cast and dispell; max 4 abilities chosen from the list - first for free, all 4 for 150 points (I'm guessing 0+25+50+75) - theultimateqpa skipped 1 ability - MR(3)

    Old Blood - stats remain the same; no spawnings; AS 4+; may ride Carnosaur (S7, T5, W5, not a large target


    Scar Veteran - +1T, 5+ AS, same points

    Skink Hero and Priest - may ride terradon and both versions of Stegadon (Priest on the Engine gets +1 power dice)


  • Skink - rank&file, 5 points, javelin and shield, have command group, Ld 6, 1 kroxigor (55pts) per 8 skinks; may skirmish for +2p (blowpipe)
  • Saurus - scaly skin 5+
  • Swarm - poison, 15 pts cheaper


  • Cold One Riders - 2+ AS, same points
  • Kroxigor - S4, 4+ AS, 55 pts, no skirmish screen
  • Chameleons - 3 pts cheaper, no special deployment
  • Terradons - mount S4, rider S3 (javelin only), may fly into woods; throw rocks - once per game D3 S4 hits per model
  • Stegadon - S5, T6, A4, Ld6, 4+ AS, D6+1 impact hits; may have big blowpipe (12", 2D6 S3 auto or no modifiers hits), giant bow with poison
  • Temple Guard - may have 2+ AS, stubborn and ItP with Slann, WS4, halberds, 1 point cheaper


  • Ancient Stegadon - S6, A3, 2+ AS; may have 2 blowpipes but no bow
  • Engine of the Gods - gives powers like cauldron of blood: 5+ward for friendly units within 12", or D6 S4 hits with no AS to enemies in 2D6", reducing spell difficulty and something more
  • Salamander - probably move or fire (conflicting rumours on that), flame template shot at artillery dice inches, S3, -3AS, 55 pts
  • Razordon - same as salamanders, but: may move and fire, shoot artillery dice of S4 hits within 12", need to roll to hit (BS3), but no modifiers for long range, being charged, moving or multiple shots; have to choose S&S as charge reaction, 56 pts
  • Heroes cannot join salamanders nor razodons, but handlers do not line into combat.


    Lance for skink - gives stegadon 2D6+2 impact hits
    blade of realities
    S6 no AS

    Armour: very similar and cheaper

    Talismans: 5+ward, 2+ward one use, no 4+ward

    Enchanted Items:
    flying for skink
    jaguar charm - bound spell steed of shadows
    25 pts bound spell with uranos thunderbolt at level 6
    some magic attacks

    Arcane: diadem, +1 spell

    100pts - 12" stubborn for cavalry
    -1 to hit for shooting
    huanchi probably the same (or giving +D6" to charge - no consent on that)

    source: and
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