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White Dwarf WD348 December 2008 contents review

The contents of the latest December 2008 edition of White Dwarf

Summary: a good issue if you're into both Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40k (also some nice LOTR scenario contents).

White Dwarf Contents

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Warhammer Merchandise :-

  • New carry case in the form of a backpack a shoulder bag and a suit case with wheels (for those with a huge amount of miniatures / terrain to transport)
  • Transparent plastic fallen giant template
  • Dice cube which holds 27 dice
  • Mega paint set - including all 73 citadel colour, wash and foundation paints plus pva glue, sand and 3 types of base flock and 7 paint brushes (a good Christmas pressie for serious painters)

  • buy a Mega Paint set on eBay

  • New collector's range miniatures :-
  • Animosity Orcs, Sartosan Vampire and Pirate Captain of Sartosa

  • Black Library new books (
  • Horus Heresy : Mechanicum
  • Imperial Guard Omnibus : Volume 1
  • Dark Disciple (40k)
  • A Massacre in Marienburg (Warhammer Fantasy)

  • Forgeworld (sales on eBay)
  • 16" high (!) Reaver Titan
  • Imperial Armour 6 the Seige of Vraks part 2
  • Imperial Armour Model Masterclass - for modelling experts

  • Advert for new Lizardman Army (out feb 2009) Picture of painted Stegadon
    Christmas gift guide

    War in the North - a Warhammer Campaign for the forces of Chaos (6 pages of scenario rules, 2 pages detailing the campaign players and their thoughts)

    "Thirty Years On..." Article on Alan and Michael Perry (6 pages of their best models and and a brief interview with Peter Jackson - LOTR film director - who's a close friend apparently)

    The Saga of the White Dwarf (4 pages) - featuring an official profile for Grombrindal, the White Dwarf himself ! (he is unbreakable [but can join breakable units], can hide in units, has a 1+ armour save, 4+ ward save, Magic Resistance 3, a crown which auto-rallies within 12", can re-roll filed hits and wounds and forces enemies to re-roll successful armour saves. He costs 500pts and is very tough !

    Black Library advert (2 pages) - brief diescription of books: The Legend of Sigmar, The Rise of Nagash and Malekith (awesome book cover pictures)
    Malekith Revealed - 2 pages interview with Gav Thorpe on his new book

    Standard Bearer by Jervais Johnson (a regular feature) - some of his personal gaming history

    Eavy Metal painting article focusing on Chaos Lord (8 pages)

    Event Calendar advert - Warhammer Doubles tournament (team up with a buddy and both bring 750pt armies Warhammer World - Nottingham 18th-19th April 2009)

    Warhammer 40k contents

    Liber Apocalyptica - Forces of the Space Marines (6 pages, providing inspiration for your games of Apocalypse)

    The Tale of 4 Gamers (10 pages + 16 page battle report) - Apocalypse (great looking battle report, lots of pictures)

    Painting Workshop focusing on painting Space Marine (10 pages) - squad, chapter markings, shoulder markings, honour markings, specialists, charactersvehicle details, (2 pages of expertly painted Eavy metal vehicles and miniatures)

    Available to order - 5 pages of sets available to order (based on the Tale of 4 Gamers series of battles including Crimson Fists, Red Corsairs, Orks and Eldar)

    Advance Orders - Ork Nobz (£15 GBP) 3-Jan-09, Ork Stormboyz (£15 GBP) 17-Jan-09, Ork Gretchin (£8 GBP) 17-Jan-09, Ork Battlewagon (£35 GBP) 3-Jan-09.

    Lord of the Rings contents

    The black Riders of Mordor (8 pages, Nazgul profiles plus 4 scenarios including Escape from Bree and Attack at Weathertop)

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