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More Lizardmen Army Book rumours

new Warhammer Lizardmen Army list - likely inclusions

These were changes noted by a reader of the the small info section for each unit. They noted that there may be additional changes and bonuses both for stats and rules.

Generic rules
Predatory fighter is gone, all saurus do indeed have a 5+ scaly skin save as base.

May cast through skink priests, you measure both distance and LOS from the priest.

The new slann powers are called disiplines and a slann may choose up to four including powers like Terror, regenerate, 3MR etc

Old blood
4+ scaly skin save, may take horned one (yup you read me right so he doesn't have stupidity and has M8)

Has a more powerful Terradon with KB
A magical mask (I'm not giving it's bonuses away just yet)
May lead a terradon unit from any table edge of your choosing (rear charge on enemy war machines anybody?).

Very nasty, if used with TG the whole unit is unbreakable.
Has magical GW which makes all magic weapons in CC count only as mundane weapons.
Becomes even more powerful in challenges, gaining a 5+ward, re-roll failed hits and his opponant always strikes last! D:

His spear has changed and hand of the gods is now a bound spell (keeping info on how the new spear rules work as a secret for the moment).

Ultimate predator has been changed, it now does D3 wounds against EVERYTHING!

Can now be ranked or skirmish.
Improved LD

cheaper plus initiative boost.

Temple guard
0-1 is gone, they are now special choice.
Stubborn, if used with a Slann they become immune to pyschology.

4+ Scaly skin save, I didn't read anything about a strength reduction (though it still might be there).
1 kroxigor may be put in a unit of 8 or more skinks, but does not count towards a special choice.

Drop rocks is back but not as powerful (again keeping the full details quiet for the moment).
Is also an option for a skink chief.

It mentioned artillery dice and templates.
special choice.
Breath weapon: Strength 3 but -3 to AS

Strength 4 spikes.

Huanchi is still one use only but now adds D6 to your charge range.

It's nice to see the Terradon rock dropping back and Temple Guard as a special choice should make them pretty formidable.

source: warseer
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