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Warhammer Battle Reports 7th / 8thNauticans / Design Fantasy Gallery

White Dwarf WD349 January 2009 contents review

Summary of Games Workshop's monthly White Dwarf Jan 2009

Summary: a cracking White Dwarf for 40k fans especially if your into Orks ! A couple of nice articles for Fantasy (with some great painted miniatures) and 2 LOTRs articles on Gondor and large scale battles

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

  • Collectors range - Dark Elf Dreadlords
  • new Black Library Book - Time of Legends: Malekith (great cover) £6.99 UK
  • some GW Studio staff Golden Demon entries (1 page)
  • What's on the web (reprinted Warhammer magic cards are coming to the GW website)
  • War in the North - an all Chaos campaign between 4 players (8 pages)
  • Standard Bearer (regular feature) - new model release strategy by the Design Studio (3 pages)
  • Citadel Hall of Fame - a collection of the finest models nominated by GW's sculptors (this month it's Jes Goodwin's turn to select one) + Brian Nelson's Showcase (2 pages)
  • Dark Elf Dreadlords showcase (5 pages of awesome miniature painting !)
  • What's on at Warhammer World - a 2009 calendar
  • Lizardmen details/pics - boxed sets, dates & a great photo advert for Feb 2009 issue

    Warhammer 40k

  • New Ork models (4 pages)
    3rd Jan
    - Kaptin Badruckk: £12 UK
    - Boss Snikrot: £8 UK
    - Ork Nobz £15 (incl. excellent ammo runt !)
    - Ork Battlewagon £35 UK (it looks rather large with loads of mounted weaponry)

    17th Jan
    - Including Boss Zagstruk: £12 UK
    - Ork Stormboyz (with jump packs)
    - Gretchin Mob £8 UK

  • ForgeWorld - Venerable Dreadnought, Lord Zhufor (1 page)
  • 40k Apocalypse - new Super Heavy Tank (March release, 6 possible variants) (1 page)
  • Iron Halo Jan/Feb 2009 registration advert
  • Da Boyz are back in Town - Orks design notes (20 pages)
  • Waaagh Bork (4 battle reports - 28 pages !!)
    - Da Sub Dockyard
    - Da Great Air Strip Bash
    - Da Scrap in Da Scrapyard
    - Da Krater Maker (a MASSIVE railgun !)

  • Red Ones Go Fasta - Ork Vehicles (6 pages of vehicle eye candy)
  • Available to order - Ork Boyz Mob, Ork lootas & Burna Boyz, Ork Trukk, Ork Warbiker Mob, Ork Wartrakk, Ork Warbuggy

    Lord of the Rings

  • Sons of Gondor Tactica (6 pages)
  • War Journal - LOTR news "something massive is coming!"* (2 pages)
    * the War of the Ring - LOTR on a large scale
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