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White Dwarf (UK) WD352 April 2009 - contents review

the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game : War of the Ring

...yep, that's what this issue of White Dwarf is all about. Sure there are some other bits and pieces but it's predominantly about the new LOTR standalone rules *

* (328 pages of inspiration for £35)

Anyway, here's the White Dwarf contents summary:-

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

  • Empire News - new units & "fluff book" coming in June 09
    - plastic Empire steam tabk, plastic greatswords, and new plastic archers (see below)
    - a brand new book on Empire Uniforms & Heraldry (72 pages - full colour)
  • (click images to greatly enlarge in new window)

  • Wisdom of the Ancients
    - Interviews with Lizardmen GW players about collecting, tournament tactics and some campaign notes (6 pages)

  • Black Library
    - new book HonourKeeper by Nick Kyme

  • Old War Stories
    - mainly about campaigns and scenarios (6 pages)
    [it makes me want to design my own campaign map !]

  • War of the Ring
    about 60 pages in total !!!

  • New Releases (7 pages)
    - The Sons of Eorl, Rohan Commanders and Isengarg Uruk-Hai commanders look pretty good
    - The Army of the Dead are also quite cool
    and might pass for Carin Wraiths in Fantasy Battle - except they don't have great weapons :(

  • Launch Party in Stores - 4th April (in UK, maybe same elsewhere ?)
  • Design notes (12 pages)
  • Battle Report - Battle for Pelennor Fields (20 pages)
  • Army Painting (7 pages)
  • Fields of Battle - modelling workshop (6 pages)
  • Available to Order miniatures (4 pages)

  • Warhammer 40,000

  • New Releases collectors range : Space Marines Veterans MKII
  • Black Library
    - HellForged by Ben Counter and
    - Tales of Heresy by several authors
  • Forge World
    - Thunderhawk Gunship
    - Orc Warboss and Nobz on Warbikes
  • Liber Apocalyptica: Titan Killer!
    (inspiration for games of Apocalypse - 6 pages)
  • Painting Da Stompa (8 pages)
  • Citadel Hall of Fame (on Jes Goodwin's Space Marines)
  • Bitz Packs
    - Space Marine Jump Packs / Backpacks
    - Chaos Space Marine Chirurgeon Backpacks / Backpacks

    Other Stuff
  • Standard Bearer column - by Jervis Johnson (3 pages)
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