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White Dwarf June '09 UK (WD 354) Contents Review

A good White Dwarf for Warhammer Fantasy Battle fans

Games Workshop have put together a very Empire Army oriented White Dwarf for June's issue. It actually feels like a new army book is coming out which is not the case ! However, the new models are very cool indeed and the Uniforms and Heraldry book looks like it might be quite good.

Note to self: buying a book on heraldry sounds like an extremely geekish thing to to do so either; ask for a brown paper bag or let your friend buy it and borrow it when you need some painting tips ;)

There are some 40k & LOTR articles as you'll see below:-

Warhammer Fantasy Battle related articles

  • The Empire miniature adverts - 3 pages
    (new, released on June 6th: Steam Tank, Plastic Empire Greatswords, Elector Count Marius Leitdorf, Empire Archers, Empire Captain with sword and Empire Captain with Hammer & pistol)
  • New Empire Reference book (Uniforms & Heraldry) advert (1/2 page)
  • New Empire Battalion boxed set advert (1/2 page)
  • New Temple of Skulls scenery / terrain advert (1/2 page)
    (released 20th June)
  • Black Library - new Reiksguard book by Richard Williams
    (part of a series from Richard Williams followed by "Iron Company" about Imperial Engineers and "Call to Arms" about the exploits of a regiment of Swordsmen)
  • The Land of Sigmar - 14 pages about the Glory of the Empire, fluff, miniature pics, artwork, tactics and an example 2500 point Talabheim army.
  • The Drums of War - 26 pages of Games Master notes following a 6 battle campaign from a Beastmen ambush on a Talabheim army through to the 6th and final battle against the Warriors of Chaos. The battle reports are summarised in a narrative style and it's a good read. There are introductions to various units and some background with artists pics which should provide good painting inspiration.
  • Standard Bearer column - 2 pages about army inspiration by Jervis
  • Empire modelling Workshop - 8 pages on Empire model conversions

    Warhammer 40,000 related articles

  • Black Library - 2 books by Graham McNeil, Courage & Honour and The Killing Ground
  • Forgeworld - great looking Brass Scorpion model advert (1 page)
  • Planetary Empires - 40k expansion, plastic hex based map system for campaigns (1 page news / advert)
  • Liber Apocalypta - 6 pages on the Valkarie
  • Fantasy Flight Games - 3 new Dark Heresy books (40k roleplay); Creatures of Anathema (50+ aliens / beats), The Radical's Handbook (methods and ideology of radical Inquisitors ! new rules, player character options), Haarlock's Legacy Trilogy (3 adventrues for a notorious rogue trader)

    Lord of the Rings and War of the Rings

  • New miniature releases - Galadhrim (warriors, knights, Guards of the Galadhrim Court, Galadhrim Banner Bearer, Haldir, Rumil (release date: 20th June for all miniatures)
  • Elves Unleashed - 4 pages on the land of Lothlorien and the Galadhrim
  • LOTR Battle Report Galadhrim vs Mordor - 10 pages
  • Painting Workshop - 6 pages on how to paint Galadhrim

    Other White Dwarf stuff

  • Recent Games Workshop website updates:-
    (Imperial Guard city fighting strategy, Guide to painting horses, More Empire campaign scenarios, Steam Tank assembly instructions and painting guide)
  • Painting Masters - 5 page spotlight on Keith Robertson
  • Citadel's Hall of Fame - 2 pages on Neil's favourite miniatures
  • Some pics of previous Games Day & Golden Demon winners miniatures
  • UK Games Workshop Gamesday 2009 - 27th September Birmingham NEC (10am - 4pm)
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