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White Dwarf July 2009 UK (WD355) Contents Review

Warhammer Contents review of the July 2009 White Dwarf (UK edition)

Summary: mainly a 40k issue (booo !) but some bits and pieces for LOTR and Fantasy Battle (hooray !)

note: all images can be greatly enlarged by double clicking

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

  • Some collectors Range miniature releases (1 page) see pic on right
  • Black Library - Gotrek & Felix
    (the Third Omnibus includes Giantslayer, Orcslayer and Manslayer)
  • The Soldiers of Sigmar - Empire Tactica (8 pages)
    some decent advice including a recommended army list (which I'm actually not that keen on !) Includes some advice on range guessing (check Pythagoras) and sensible advice on detachments, ie. use them !
  • Blitz box - Orc Shields 1 page advert with suggested shield uses.
  • Wizards - the wizard Painting Challenge (excellent 8 page article !)

    Warhammer 40,000 contents

  • New Releases (with pics, prices and dates)
    Planet Strike expansion, Space Marine Land Speeder Storm, Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnought, Forgefather Vulkan He'stan, Kor,sarro Khan, Aegis defence line / Imperial Bastion (see pics, click to enlarge)

    ...continued... Skyshield Landing pad, Mines, Bombs and Booby Traps (these look quite cool), Blastscape, Imperial Strongpoint, Shrine of the Aquila.

  • Forgeworld
    - Mamon Daemon Prince of Nurgle - a huge Nurgle Daemon
    - The Blight Drone (a Daemon Engine of Nurgle - looks quite cool)
  • Black Library - an audio book Blood Angels discover a Tyranid Hive Ship
    (it's advertised as Listen while you paint and this actually strikes me as a really good idea, I'm sick of listening to music while I blog so I might join in !)
  • Web Lore - news from the 40k section of the GW website
  • War On All Fronts - Planetstrike 12 pages od design notes.
  • Dave & Jerms Old War Stories (?) Imperial Guard vs Orks - 6 pages
  • Fire in the Sky - Planetstrike Battle Report (20 pages) Eldar attack Imperial Guard
  • Planetstrike Modelling Workshop - 8 pages all about bastions (loads of them, chaos eldar, ork, tau, and the Skyshield Installation and Shrine of Aquila)
  • Space Marines - modelling workshop - 6 pages on vehicle upgrades, Ironclad Dreadnought and Landspeeder Storm

    Lord of the Rings

  • The Galadhrim Host - 6 pages, fluff, pics, profiles and points.

    Other White Dwarf Stuff

  • Fantasy Flight - Chaos in the Old World: a new Fantasy Flight board game based around Chaos in the Warhammer Old World (small advert)
  • Standard Bearer from Jervis about the social aspect of the game (the most fun part of the whole thing as far as I'm concerned !)
  • Hobby Essentials -4 pages on using paint brushes (specifically the new GW ones)
  • Snotlings and Orc Shields bitz packs (I recognise some of those old snotties !)

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