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White Dwarf August 2009 (WD356 UK edition) - Contents Review

Summary: Another 40k White Dwarf with a good LOTR Battle Report and a Fantasy Battle Warmachines Tactica

I have to say Games Workshop are really going for it promoting 40k at the moment. Personally, I'm looking forward to the next batch of WFB army books. Anyway, as promised, here you go...

Warhammer Fantasy Battle articles

  • Black Library - new Grey Seer book by C.L.Werner
    (A Thanquol & Boneripper Novel - Thanquol seeks the Wormstone to poison the city of Altdorf)
  • Forgeworld - Daemon Prince Uraka Az'Baramael plus Herald - they look like excellent models (check out the Forgeworld site)
  • Games Day UK date - 27th September at the National Exhibition Center (NEC) in B'Ham - 3 page preview
  • The Machines of War - 8 page War Engine Tactica
    (including selecting your arsenal, deploying War Machines, sighting targets, hitting things ! special warmachines, defending War Machines and... the "Art of Getting Shot At !") There are some useful tips in there for relative newcomers and good reminders for the veteran gamers.
  • Standard Bearer by Jervis Johnson - 3 pages about how the 1st ever White Dwarf Battle Report came about.
  • 'Eavy Metal Masterclass painting - 8 pages on Intermediate and Advanced face painting.
  • Citadel Hall of Fame by Keith Robertson - 2 pages focus on Brian Nelson's new style of Orcs that were released back in 1997 and set the standard for all Orcs & Orks since.

    Lord of the Rings Articles

  • War of the Ring Battle Report - The Last March of the Ents (The Ents of Fangorn vs Isengard) 18 pages, including (no less) Treebeard, Quickbeam, Beechbone, Merry & Pippin and 16 Ents !

    Warhammer 40k

  • How to Paint Citadel Tanks - 96 page book (advert)
    Release date 1st August 09 (£15 GBP, 175 dkr, 22.50 euros, 200 skr/nkr)
  • New Plastic Tank Kit Releases (2 pages of adverts with lots of pics)
    Release Date 1st August (£30 GBP, 39 euros, 300 dkr, 380 skr/nkr)
    Imperial Guard Hellhound
    Imperial Guard Leman Russ Demolisher
  • Battlescape Scenery Kit Releases (1 page ad)
    Release Date 15th August (£15 GBP, 22.5 euros, 150 dkr, 190 skr/nkr)
    - this actually looks excellent, it has a copse of petrified trees on a 2 crater battle landscape with a wrecked rusting Rhino vehicle embedded in it. To give you an idea of it's size, the Rhino vehicle takes up about 1/5th to 1/6th of the area (roughly)
  • Planetary Empires - Warhammer 40,000 expansion (2/3rds of a page ad)
    Release Date 15th August (£30 GBP, 40 euros, 300 dkr, 380 skr/nkr)
    A plastic map building kit with 6 frames and 48 double sided map tiles and loads of gaming pieces (incl. 96 banners) and a sample campaign system.
  • Planetary Empires - Hive City Tile (1/3rd of a page ad)
    Release Date 15th August (£5 GBP, 7.5 euros, 50 dkr, 65 skr/nkr)
    Bitz pack containing 2 complete Hive City tiles
  • Black Library - Ravenor The Omnibus by Dan Abnett
    (3 story book of Inquisitor Gideo Ravenor and his lethal operatives)
  • Black Library - Emperor's Mery by Dan Abnett Inquisitor Roth vs Chaos traitors search for the same ancient artefacts
  • Forgeworld New release - Reaver Titan
  • Forgeworld Coming Soon (October) - Space Wolves Codex & new miniatures
  • Forgeworld Coming Soon (August) - Bitz Packs for Ork Battle Wagon, Land Raiders, Land Raider Crusader pack, Leman Russ Accessories pack and a terrain piece for the Crashed Aquila Lander (from the Battle of Macragge boxed game)
  • Web Lore advert (for Games Workshop online 40k articles)
  • Planetary Empires - 7 pages of design notes ("it doesn't feature a new way to fight. Instead it gives you a planet to fight over"). Examples include an industrial world and an imperial ice.
  • Tactica Imperialis for Imperial Guard - 10 pages (includes force denial, infantry tactics, split deployment, armoured might, strength in reserve, airborne assault, advanced tactics [the sentinel / the hellhound], how to muster an army entirely from plastic with lots of nice pics !)
  • Planetary Empires - The Rok of Ages - 13 pages of rules for a huge campaign
  • Modelling Workshop - Tanks. 10 pages focusing on Hellhound, Demolisher (showing all the spure parts), Camo Netting, Ork Battlewagon and a show case of Ork Warbikes, Chaos Space Marine Defiler, Saim-Hann Eldar Falcon and Ultramarines Whirlwind)
  • Armoured Fist - 2 page advert showing 6 Imperial Vehicles.

    Other Stuff

  • Bugman's Game - a board game of Bar Room Skullduggery !
    (lol, it sounds a really good laugh, get a load of this... "You take the role of a Dwarf who's trying to get to the bar and back to his table with grub and beer. A task that sounds deceptively simple - but, when you throw in moody Elves, grumpy Trolls, Gobbo loan sharks, locals with a propensity for fighting, and Halflings that are far too friendly into the mix, getting a drink to your table is far from easy!" - I'm not sure what they mean about the halfling but it sounds interesting :)

    (sadly, only available from Warhammer World Bugman's Bar in Nottingham UK - although I'm sure some will find their way onto eBay before long)
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