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New Warhammer Forum Warfare Game

Lots of Fantasy Battle Reporter forum updates to report:-

First of all, thanks for all the recent support and new joiners.

We recently upgraded the forum to version 3 of phpBB. In a nutshell this means there's lots more we can do to have fun :) and we reckon we're going to be the best Warhammer forum on the internet (note: we've always been the friendliest !)

1) Forum Warfare !

First off, we're starting a forum warfare game. You decide which race to support, you post new threads or add to existing ones for gold crowns which you can spend in the forum shop to buy allegiance to your army of choice and then participate in the intra-forum war!

There will be various "War Games" (details still being worked on) and the more you post the better prepared you will be to play a winning part.

We're planning to add mounts, weapons, armour and magic items to the shop. Here's the intro:-

2) The Arcade

We have over 30 browser based arcade games in the forum for members (you just need to join and make one post, ie. say hello in the Intro thread for a gold crown) and you can join in the high score quest. You pay 1 gold crown per game and if you post a high score you earn all the gold crowns that were paid on that game since the last high score was posted.

BilboBaggins himself is our current arcade champion, I'm told the bar is not set too high but I sure cannot beat him (except in asteroids and 13 days of hell - my favourite !)

We'll be adding 1 or 2 new games every week and getting rid of the least popular ones. There are 5 free games too all you need to do to play those is become a member.

3) The Painting Competition

We have simplified the painting comp so anyone can enter up to 3 entries of any miniatures.

You have to show a photo of the unpainted miniature in one thread (with a note next to the miniature saying something like "Battle Reporter forum painting competition") and then you're away.

We're going to give roughly 10 weeks for each painting competition (September's has just finished so the next comp for November will start shortly, get painting now !). All entries earn 25 gold crowns each.

This is just a way to get us all painting regularly and to have some extra fun in the process.

The image above is one of Kiwi (John's) crypt ghoul entry. He looks after the Stumpy Heaven blogsite - far too many Dwarfs there for my liking, their necks are are bit too tough for my Vampire Army's liking ;)

Here are some of the other September entries:-

One last thing, our forum is free and that's the way we plan to keep it. Also, if you're not friendly, please go somewhere else, we only like friendly people :D

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