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The best Warhammer Fantasy Battle Blogs

I've been adding all the best Warhammer Fantasy blogs and websites that I can find to the Battle Reporter blogroll (see right, scroll down a bit)

We now have over 40 Warhammer blogs in the blogroll. Hopefully, I'll be able to make this site a bit of a "one stop shop" so you can see all the recent interesting Fantasy Battle updates from one place.

The sites are predominantly Warhammer Fantasy sites although some of them cover other Games Workshop products, mainly 40k, Lord of the Rings and Mordheim.

The Warhammer Allies so far are:-

1) A Warhammer Beastmen Blog

2) Carmen's fun painty time

3) Company of the Damned

4) Corvus' Miniatures - painted sf and fantasy miniatures by Gerrie Schenck

5) Cult of Khaine - Dark Elf Warhammer Minatures Blog

6) Dice and Brush

7) Dims Galleries

8) Drazhar's Miniworks

9) Drinkin' and Modelin'

10) Fields of War

11) I Rolled a 1 - SPLAT!!!!

12) Little Green Monsters - Xenite's Miniatures Page

13) Love, Dice and Paintbrushes

14) Miniaturen maken met Mario

15) Mis Olvidadas Figuras

16) Mr Saturday's Mumblings

17) Painting Mum - Ańa's Blog

18) Plastic Legions

19) Scroll Caddy

20) Somewhere the tea's getting cold...

21) Starving Crazed Weasels Miniatures and Wargames Page

22) Stumpy Heaven

23) Subject to Stupidity

24) Target's Painting Blog

25) The Glorious Works

26) The Grumpy Stunty

27) The Hoodling's Hole

28) The Marienburg Gazette

29) The Nauticans Army List

30) The Nauticans for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

31) The nerd also rises

32) The Trading Post

33) toadkiller miniatures

34) Troll Tales

35) Volomir's Blog

36) Waaagh Cast

37) Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Battle Reports

38) Warhammer Fantasy Battle Reports

39) Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming

40) Warhammer Fantasy Miniatures

41) Watching Paint Dry

42) WFB Reporter Forum

Recently added : 23-Oct-2011 onwards...

43) Sinzaren's Painting Blog

If you want to put the Fantasy Battle Allies blogroll on your site here's the link:-

If you want your website or blog added please leave a comment here. I'd appreciate it if you reciprocated with a link on your site.

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