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Live Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Worldwide chat !

The Fantasy Battle Reporter Warhammer Roleplay forum is running a live discussion about ongoing role playing adventures on the forum.

The Chat takes place on 6th Nov 2009 (see times below). Everyone's welcome, whether or not you're currently playing one of the games. This might be your opportunity to find out more and get involved, the roleplays are proving very popular on the forum.

Note: you'll need to join the forum to be able to see and access the Chat feature at the top of the forum (don't worry though, it's free). The roleplay chat will be the only ongoing chat so just click the Chat link and you're in !

Here's the blurb...

Please join us for the first ever "Warhammer Fantasy Battles Roleplay Discussion!"

Do you wonder what is really going on in the Roulette Fantasy RPG? Want to know more about the Mouth of Fire 40K RPG? Looking to join up with the odd group of heroes in the Dwarf Fantasy RPG? Want a little help creating your first character? Want to give a storyteller a piece of your mind? This is your chance!

Both Son of Khaine and Guardian_A will be present to answer questions and discuss their respective games.

Discussion will take place on: Friday November 6th at 8pm-9pm Central Time (US & Canada)

The Worldwide times

US & Canada times: 6-Nov-2009
8pm Pacific Time Zone (US & Canada)
9pm Mountain Time Zone (US & Canada)
10pm Central Time Zone (US & Canada)
11pm Eastern Time Zone (US & Canada)

Europe: 7-Nov-2009
4am for UK and Portugal
5am for the countries between UK and Ukraine
6am for Eastern Europe
7am for Western part of the European Russia

Australia : 7-Nov-2009
12pm (Noon) Western
1.30pm Middle
2pm Eastern

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