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Warhammer Battle Reports 7th / 8thNauticans / Design Fantasy Gallery

White Dwarf November 2009 magazine (WD359 UK edition)

Games Workshop's November '09 White Dwarf contents review

SKAVEN ! A great issue for Fantasy Battle players, enough of those silly bolters, lasers and chainsaws ! Roll in the Doomwheel, Plague Furnance and thousands of scurrying verminous Skaven.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle content

New Skaven Releases (5 pages)

7th Nov Releases

  • Skaven Army Book (£15 GBP, Euro 22.50), Clanrats (£20 GBP, Euro 26), Stormvermin (£30 GBP, Euro 39)
  • New Skaven Characters - Packmaster Skweel Gnawtooth Warlord Queek Headtaker, Deathmaster Snikch (prices: all £8 GBP, Euro 12.50)

    21st Nov Releases

  • Skaven Screaming Bell / Plague Furnace (£35 GBP, Euro 45.50)
  • Skaven Doomwheel (£20 Euro 26)
  • Skaven Battalion (£55, Euro 85) Includes:- 40 Clanrats, 20 Plague Monks, 2 Rat Ogres, 6 Giant Rats, 3 Packmasters

  • Liber Chaotica (2009 Hardback) Black Library advert - a study of Chaos powers !
  • The Verminous Horde - Skaven Design Notes (10 pages)
  • Skaven 2 Page advert for plastic kits
  • a good Games Workshop Battle Report : Skaven vs Dwarfs 3,500 pts (20 pages)
  • Fantasy Battle battalions 2 page advert including all boxed contents / prices
  • Jervis Johnson's Standard Bearer feature about his opinion on the future of the hobby in relation to technology and the changing times - I couldn't agree more !
  • Special Report : painting masters - 8 pages of some awesome miniatures form some of the best painters in the world ! Fantastic.

  • Warhammer 40k Contents Summary

  • Black Library advert - 3 books (Blood Pact by Dan Abnett, Innocence Proves Nothing by Sandy Mitchell, Iron Company by Chris Wraight)
  • Forge World - a 16 inch high (!!!) Reaver Titan
  • Space Woves : The Battle for Fenris (8 pages Battle for the Fang - Campaign Rules for Apocalypse - not a battle report)
  • Battleforces - 2 pages advert showing boxed contents and prices
  • Battlefield Challenges by Jervis Johnson : Dawn Raiding - (2 pages) special rules for attackers and defenders somewhat different to meeting engagement rules.
  • Dom Murray's Space Wolves army (2 pages)
  • 'Eavy Metal Masterclass - Space Marines (10 pages)

  • Lord of the Rings contents

  • Strategy Battle Game : In Sauron's Sinister Service - profiles for Haradrim, Easterling and Mordor forces released last month (6 pages)
  • LOTR War of the Ring: Campaigns in the South (8 pages)

    Other Stuff

  • Small articles and adverts about clubs, Warhammer Invasion, the Games Workshop website, Christmas gifts and GW wish lists, Warhammer World visits, boxed subscriptions etc.

    One last thing....

    A small note on page 10 about a black Scorpion (a real one) attacking some Empire Halberdiers. Is this a cryptic clue suggesting that the next Rulebook 8th edition supporting boxed set will be Tomb Kings vs Empire or are GW just having a laugh ?!
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