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A Delicate Warhammer Balancing Act... or not ?

Do Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tournaments need balancing or is it a bad idea ?

I stumbled across a Finnish gaming site recently and was about to leave when I saw some Warhammer tournament rules written in English, they looked interesting and I was compelled to stick around.

The rules were quite strict and their purpose obviously to address imbalances that the writer or tournament organisers perceived between the various army books. I was intrigued and it actually gave me pause for thought.

I'm well aware that some people consider certain rules, magic items, characters or even whole army books to be out of kilter with one another but it's now left me wondering whether such strict application of alternative army selection rules is a good idea or not.

Does it simply create a more level playing field, does it take something from the game or does it do both ? Would I prefer such tournaments or rather plan my attacks around the existing unchanged army book rules that I'm familiar and comfortable with ? Indeed, would it add to the game if I was having to adapt to some new enemies and possibly change my preferred army lists to cater for the restrictions ?

To be frank, it's a tough one. I have had my bad experiences with certain magic items and special characters but it usually just motivates me to find a better way to handle them and leaves me thinking that I was a bit dumb to approach a battle in the way I did. I have also been on the winning side when my opponent is no doubt thinking the same or... is he thinking, "that unit/weapon/rule is broken and I wish we had banned it before the game !"

I'm very much undecided and looking for opinions, I posted the discussion in the forum along with the tournament rules. I'm hoping this will be a hot topic because I'm sure it will arouse a bit of passion, I know I will have a lot to say and ask. If you'd like to join in, please feel free or just follow it here:-

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament - Army Selection Rules, is it the right thing to do ?!

PS. the forum sometimes take a day or 2 to rev up into gear so you might want to check at a later date when the members are in full argumentative action :)

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