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Games Workshop are working on a new Warhammer army (White Dwarf WD363 UK)

In his Standard Bearer column, Jervis Johnson has more or less confirmed that GW are designing a new Warhammer army.

My summary of the column is that there are indeed plans to bring out a new army(armies) and they are already making new miniatures but they are not rushing into a release.

To whet your interest here are some of the quotes:-

"We'd love to add new armies to our games; however, we're going to wait until we're confident that doing so won't compromise support for the armies we already make."

"...we've already started making new things for you to collect - we just haven't got round to adding a whole new army just yet."

"...and hopefully, one day we'll be able to do whole new armies for our games too."

You will need to get White Dwarf and read the whole article to get a feel for the full context in which it is written. In my opinion, this is the first "leak" of info to get the community all "psyched" up for what's to come. The article comes with 4 pictures of 40k units, these are apparently used to emphasize recent-ish developments and GWs commitment to product development and new ideas. I'm not sure if we should read into this that the next new army is likely to be a 40k one or not. I'd like to think that both Fantasy and 40k armies are in development and, indeed, why not ?

Their business model seems to be dependent on cyclical, rolling updates to rule books and army books. I suppose that fitting a new army into this product replacement life cycle could be a little tricky because it will rest resources away from the other development plans. Also, they might be wary that a new army would most probably prove very popular indeed and "take money" from other army renewals.

Anyway, in summary it sounds like excellent news and given that GW seem to start "leaking" breadcrumbs of info about 3 or 4 months or so before the real news begins to emerge, I think we could see something later this year.

Please let it be a new army for Fantasy Battle !

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