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Norse - a new Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army pdf !

Norse is a fan-made Warhammer Battle Army pdf for viewing online or download from the Battle Reporter forum here.

Another awesome Warhammer Fantasy Army from Mathias (member M4cR1II3n on the Battle Reporter forum).

(this army book is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop)

I don't know where Mathias finds the time, obviously he doesn't bother with sleeping or maybe he warps through some chaos gates where time stands still and comes back with another great army book creation under his arm. We're not sure but however he does it, we love him for it :)

This tome is 88 pages long and covers all the background, history, society, happenings and of course the army composition of the land of Norsca.

The Norse, man and dwarf alike, spend their time hunting, drinking and fighting amongst themselves, except that is, when they're not busy raiding a Warhammer coast near you !

The bestiary contains the profiles and special rules for no less than 10 lords and heroes, 5 core units, 7 special units and 5 rare units.

Some of the units...

Erik Redaxe, High King of the Norse. Erik is so hard he ignores pain and can even restore himself to fight once more when most would be lain prone or dead !

Keorl Thunderhand, dragon slayer who wields the dragon slayer sword (+3 strength, d3 wounds or against daemons automatic wounds with d6 wounds !) Even dragons are scared of him, they have to take a fear test to charge !

Seers who can attempt to "prophetize" the future allowing nearby friendly units to reroll 1's to hit or wound or both (if the seer's foresight does not fail him)

The Skalds, keepers of lore, part singers and musicians and part warriors - the bards of the Norse army. The Skalds act as unit musicians and can inspire their comrades to greater feats.*

* Not that the norse need a lot of inspiring in battle because they can not only counter-charge and meet an enemy headlong but they are invariably berserk and frenzied. I think the counter-charge rule is an especially interesting one and can really change the thought process of both Norse commander and his foe - it's very original and well conceived.

The core of the army consists of Bondsmen, Marauders and Reavers with empire troop-like profiles but a much greater lust for battle.

Whalers are the javelin wielding skirmishers along with the Norse Hunters while the elite troops consist of units such as the unbreakable Einherjar, the blood crazed, painless Berserkers and the Huscarls who able to hold up an enemy advance with their shield wall.

Many strange creatures battle in service of the Norse War Chiefs. Ulfwerenar are regenerating Werewolves, they act like skirmishers and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. Snow Trolls with armour piercing razor sharp claws (in contrast to their minds !), ethereal Valkyries able to fly and immune to psychology, the thick skinned, howdah bearing War Mammoth, the magical Frost Giant that is difficult to hit and not forgetting the Ice Drake that freezes the very air (and the enemy's lungs) around itself.

I have mentioned 19 of the units, there are 27 in total with plenty of options to choose from (even Norse Dwarfs ! Booo....)

You should check it out, it's a superb read. Also, I suspect, Norse models are probably not too difficult to come by if you have a good look for them. Games Workshop used to make a few back in the early days.

This is still a work in progress but it's a working draft and complies with all of the Warhammer rules (including the 8th edition rulebook) and, as such, it's ready to be deployed to the tabletop. Enjoy and don't forget to join the Battle Reporter forum to thanks Mathias for all his hard work.

Some of the other free to download Warhammer armies on the battle reporter forum...

Please leave any feedback on the forum. If you play test the armies then we're really interested in hearing your feedback !

All of the above armies are unofficial and none of them are endorsed by Games Workshop
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