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Doom Seeker 5 WFB Fanzine Released

The fan-made Warhammer Fantasy Battle pdf eZine from Bilbo Baggins for Autumn 2010 for free download or viewing online.

Bilbo Baggins really is a great guy. He's the editor-in-chief and inspiration behind The Doom Seeker magazine and a very welcome and valued contributor* to the Battle Reporter forum - where all the friendliest Hammerers live !

* Bilbo has loads of "rep" on our forum for all his great contributions and input. Check out Bilbo's Library of Warhammer Fantasy Resources (ask nicely and Bilbo will grant your wishes !)

Bilbo has provided 3 different ways to download (20 meg) or view The Doom Seeker issue 5 here.

The Doom Seeker Issue 5 is a 48 page tome of Warhammering entertainment.

In summary the issue contains:-

A feature on Warhammer podcasts and links to 6 of the best including an interview with David Witek and Christopher Barnette at GarageHammer (the guys who put together a marathon show for the Warhammer 8th edition rulebook launch).

I hadn't actually heard of garagehammer before now but they sound like such friendly and cool guys I'll be tuning in from now on. Podcasts are actually great to listen to while you're blogging or, I suspect, painting (although I am too scared to paint at the moment - but that's another topic !)

An interview with the designer of the unofficial (and awesome!) Araby army book, Mathias (or M4cR1LL3n to give him his forum name).

Mathias talks about the inspiration behind the book, how he went about it, where you can get the minis, and, what sounds like his favourite army feature - Holy War ! Army wide frenzy for a single turn.

(My personal favourites are the Genies, the Flying Carpets and the Sandwraiths).

Mathias writes...  "The army is played in a similar way of Dark ELves/Wood Elves, combined with the big infantry units of the Empire."

And, wait for it...

Mathias is working on his 7th WFB army book - Estalia.

If you haven't been following these army books then you have been seriously missing out !  They are of an extremely high quality and are totally free to view online or download as a pdf - there are no catches whatsoever !

You can find all 7 FREE unofficial Warhammer Army Book pdfs here.

  • Some excellent articles by Ironlord, one of the major contributors and a great writer:-
  1.   A nice take and critical review on essential, non-essential and plain "nice-to-have" items accompanying the new rulebook release.
  2.   Reviews of the new "True Line of Sight" rules and the Terrain rules "reboot".
  3.   A Warhammer story "A Firewolf Saga : The Battle of Dead Canyon"
  • A story "Black Wolves Still Live" by James Daniel Darr - (author of Path of Vampiric Verse)
  • Some modeling articles, terrain making by STEAM and movement trays and A Vision of Chaos by Ironlord.
  • And finally and interestingly, Bilbo's thoughts on the 8th edition rule changes. I particularly like his point about Breath Weapons "did the pilot light go out" - lol.
Thanks again to Bilbo and co. for coming up with a friendly, engaging and very pleasing issue to read.

On a personal note, I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to Bilbo for not delivering on my promise to submit an article covering the Nauticans. I promise (again !) to do so for the next edition and I'll make sure it includes some unique insights.

Note: I haven't gone into much depth in this review simply because I haven't read the magazine cover to cover yet (esp. the stories) but I will once I get near the printer at work ;)  I've skimmed through and read bits and pieces and it's been great so far. I promised to get this online tonight, so, here you go.
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