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The Doom Seeker Warhammer Fanzine - Issue 6 PDF

The Doom Seeker Warhammer Fanzine issue 6 cover

The latest edition of the Warhammer Fanzine - The Doom Seeker (Winter 2010) has just been released as a FREE pdf.

BilboBaggins and his fellow Doom Seekers have put together another excellent Warhammer Fanzine for Fantasy Battle players.

Before the review, I should say that the guys now have a Facebook Group for anyone who's like to follow them and/or contribute to future issues:-

Search for :- "The Doom Seekers" in Facebook

You can find the latest issue (and contribute to future ones) on the Battle Reporter forum here:-

Battle Reporter Forum publications - The Doom Seeker

So, here's a brief review...

Pages: 38, size, about 17meg, Editor: Bilbo Baggins (himself !)

As always, presented with a refreshing, non-self-advertising this is how it really is attitude. The eZine contains some cool articles:-
  • A very nice review of the Kislev Army book by Mathias (the designer).
  • An Island of Blood Review
  • Seeing the world from a Gnoblar viewpoint !
  • Winter Gaming Scenarios and terrain ideas
  • Some characters from the new (unofficial) Dogs of War army book
  • A character profile for... Monna Lissa !?!
  • Creating Portals - getting the 3D effect
  • The Blades in the Sotrm - a short story by Ironlord.
  • Grubbi Chronicles - by, you guessed it Grubbi (A Gnoblar !)
  • The Fall of the Lone Rider - by Ironlord
  • Expression in Runes - an excellent Lizardmen Temple Guard conversion.
  • Commentary and a couple of interesting mentions of Armies of Arcana - a new rule set to recreate a more real life battlefield and Kings of War (by former GW Alessio Cavatore).
Island of Blood Review

Anyway, in a nutshell it's a worth while download and an interesting read.
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