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Check out The Doom Seeker issue 7

The Doom Seeker Warhammer Fanzine PDF issue 7 pic

The Spring 2011 issue of The Doom Seeker Warhammer fanzine has just been released by none other than Bilbo Baggins himself (and a trusty and very kindly hobbit and Battle Reporter forum member he is too !)

You can download the pdf (18.4 meg) from issuu, mediafire or 4shared (all the alternative links and back issue links are available on the Battle Reporter forum here:-

The Doom Seeker Issue 7 (Spring 2011)

Here's a quick round up:-

unofficial Dogs of War army book cover
An interview with the group who put together the unofficial Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army - The Dogs of War.

An amazing 99 page Army book, well thought out, brilliantly presented and it's completely free !  You can't ask for more than that (click the cover)

A very noteworthy feature of the army is the War Academy skills that you can assign to your leaders.  It adds lots of character to your army and exposes some very original tactical options that you simply don't find in many other armies.

An interview with  Mathias (M4cR1ll3n from the Battle Reporter forum) about his Cathay Army book. Mathias actually created all of the below army books too which can all be downloaded for free from the Battle Reporter forum - they are simply brilliant - just click the pic below :)

Unofficial Warhammer Army books photos

Two articles from STEAM (a valued member of the Battle Reporter forum) about Tree scenery and assembling and painting the High Elf Griffon from the Island of Blood starter set.

High Elf Griffon painted photo

Several excellent short stories by Ironlord and Tim Kenyon.
An awesome wood elf army from The Anti Santa and Tarrak BlackHand's Dwarf Slayers.

converted Wood Elf model picture
Dwarf Slayer Standard Bearer model

Last but not least is a superb list Bilbo has put together of all the best podcasts and forums in the Warhammer world. There are forums dedicated to certain races (there's even a Gnoblar one !!) and generic forums (like Battle Reporter) that covers all armies. It's a superb resource - all credit to Bilbo.
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