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New Tomb Kings Army Book Release

The desert Kings arise from their Tombs once more - with (hopefully) a comprehensive 8th edition update and (once again) competitive Warhammer Fantasy Battle army list ;-)

New 8th Ed 2011 Tomb Kings army
There must have been the sand storm from hell to bury the pyramids so deep for it has taken 9 long years for the Tomb Kings to dig themselves out and reveal to us their new 8th ed. army book (and quite a few cool new units) !

Without further ado, if you fancy hearing what GW have to say and checking out some of the pics, here's the official GW getting started webpage for Tomb Kings:-


And here's Games Workshop's promo blog entry:-


Where you will find a 360 degree "rotatable" picture of the Kemrian Warsphinx* (which can also be constructed as a Necrosphinx which is a very tough looking (and sounding) lone metallic / stone monster unit (think ultra stomp)

* I like the way GW have included a Tomg King miniature and Tomb Guards so you can assemble the War Sphinx as a unit ("Rare" I presume) or a Lord mount.

Warsphinx for Fantasy Battle picture

First impressions of the Warsphinx are excellent but I'm not so keen on the look of the Necrosphinx (below) which appears a touch too 40k-ish for my liking. It does however sound like a real "tank" for absorbing punishment and a potential game winner with a special rule named "devastating strike" which can kill anything with a single blow. For these reasons I suspect we'll be seeing more of the Necrosphinx on the battlefield than the Warsphinx. Anyway, I will reserve judgement until I have read the rules and seen them in the flesh bones!

Necrosphinx picture Tomb Kings Army

And last but most importantly, the Advance Orders (7th May 2011)  Tomb Kings page:-


Where you will find loads more pics and the prices and those all important sprue shots.

The most "striking" (haha !) new models in my opinion are the Necropolis Knights which can also be assembled as Sepulchral Stalkers (or any combination of the two I suppose ?). Both units look quite cool although how the knights are supposed to hang onto their mounts when they strike (assuming they strike ?) is anyone's guess. Still, we are living in a fantasy world here so let's give them the benefit of lightning reactions  mastered over centuries trying to dodge out of the way of the undead serpents  !

Here are the pics (Sepulchral Stalkers followed by the Necropolis Knights) - from the GW blog post:-

Sepulchral Stalkers image for Tomb Kings Army

Necropolis Knights Snake miniatures Tomb Kings Army

If you click on the below book you can just about see the unit profiles...

Tomb Kings pdf 8th edition 2011

So far, all is looking good with the new models which all seem to have been produced to top-notch GW standards. I know nothing of the book's contents and haven't been following the usual leaks in Warseer and the like so I can't comment on the army itself right now. I'll let you know what I think in due course, feel free to post your opinions here if you have already come to some conclusions.

One last thing, I'm really pleased with the way GW are approaching some of the larger multi-part kits these days. They seem to be focusing on the customer a bit more with the variety of possibilities available and the different assembly options leading to noticeably different unit appearance and of course unit rules. Nice work, thanks GW.

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